100 Excellent Continuing Ed Sites for Teachers

Posted on August 04, 2009

By Donna Scott
As a teacher, your job is to provide knowledge to others, so it’s essential that your own learning is up to date. However, it’s not always easy to keep up with work and school at the same time. Fortunately, there are lots of resources you can take advantage of, and we’ve highlighted 100 of the best websites teachers can use for continuing education here.


Through these organizations, you’ll find useful learning resources.

  1. University Continuing Education Association: This association supports higher education for life.
  2. Association for Continuing Higher Education: This network is for leaders of lifelong learning.
  3. The National Guide of Community Schools of the Arts: Find an online searchable listing of arts schools that offer continuing education here.
  4. International Association for Continuing Education & Training: The IACET sets the standard for lifelong learning.
  5. American Association for Adult and Continuing Education: Become a part of this association to benefit from and support continuing education.

Blogs, Books & Advice

Check out these resources to find advice and more for teacher continuing education.

  1. The Academic Blog Portal: Use this portal to find educational blogs in a variety of different subjects.
  2. Learning Point: Check out these books that can improve your skills and knowledge as a teacher.
  3. Coolmath: On this site, you’ll find tips, resources, and more for teachers taking online continuing education courses.
  4. Distance Education: A Consumer’s Guide: Find advice for distance education in this guide.
  5. Deb’s Continuing Education Blog: Read this About.com blog to learn about online learning and more.
  6. Suite 101 Continuing Education: This blog explores tips and topics related to continuing education.
  7. Continuing Education: Tom Kaun’s blog offers news and resources for those involved in continuing education.
  8. Rick Osborn’s Continuing Education Blog: Read what Rick Osborn has to say about higher education, training, and related topics.

Distance Education

With these sites, you’ll be able to complete continuing education credits from wherever you are.

  1. ArmchairEd: You can earn university teaching education credits from home with this site.
  2. University of North Dakota: This university offers online degrees in counseling, leadership, instructional design and more.
  3. The eLearning Center: Find education in just about anything from the eLearning center.
  4. Promethean: Promethean can help you become a super teacher.
  5. Inspiring Teachers Webinars: Inspiring Teachers offers online webinars, perfect for busy teachers.
  6. Concept to Classroom: Find a variety of workshops from Thirteen on this site.
  7. JER Group: Get insight into behavior, learning environments, dealing with parents, and more with this school’s workshops.
  8. CE Credits Online: Get self-paced, standards-based continuing education from Seattle Pacific University.
  9. Online Learning at New Jersey City University: Find a variety of online workshops for teachers with New Jersey City University.
  10. Video Courses for Educators: Check out this site to find video courses for teachers.
  11. Continuing Teacher Education: The University of Phoenix offers online courses in just about any subject you may need.
  12. National University: Take one course per month with National University.
  13. Accredited Online Bachelors Degree: This site offers information on distance education generally as well as provides lists of free open courseware classes.
  14. The University of Western Ontario: You can take full distance courses in your home over the Internet from University of Western Ontario.
  15. Successful Schools: Find resources and online education from Effective Educational Practices.
  16. Eco-Psych: Find education and nature-ecopsychology learning online here.
  17. Western Governors University: You can earn a variety of degrees, certificates, and endorsement programs through Western Governors University.
  18. Virtual Education Software: VESi offers courses and professional development.

Topic Specific

These learning sites offer education in history, reading, technology, behavior, and much more.

  1. American Museum of Natural History: You’ll find online seminars on science from this museum.
  2. ADD Resources: Get free teleclasses from this ADD resource site.
  3. Parent Coaching Institute: Get parent coach training through this institute.
  4. Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Online Workshops: Review these continuing education workshops online to learn about drug and violence prevention.
  5. T3 Professional Development: In T3, you’ll find quality professional development for math and science in the classroom.
  6. US Department of Education: Check out this site for safe and drug free school workshops.
  7. Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association: Learn the essentials of spotting drugs in the classroom from the NEOA.
  8. CeeBT: This website offers continuing education for European biology teachers.
  9. EcoPsych: On this site, you’ll find nature connected learning and healing.
  10. Brains.org: This site offers practical classroom applications of current brain research.
  11. Pharmacy Technician Certification: This site offers information on medical health and pharmaceuticals.
  12. Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Check out this society to find online workshops for astronomy learning.
  13. CEU4U: This site offers continuing education for grief, development, and special needs.
  14. Council for Exceptional Children: Check out this site to find web seminars on exceptional children.
  15. Youth Change: This site’s workshops offer problem-child problem solvers.
  16. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: This museum offers an online workshop for teachers to learn more about the Holocaust.
  17. First Year Teacher Course: Reading Rockets offers a self-paced free online course on teaching reading.
  18. Smithsonian Education: Here you’ll find a museum writing workshop from the Smithsonian.
  19. The Heritage Institute: This site works to educate for humanity and the world we want.

Development & Collections

Find collections designed for learning and development here.

  1. HotChalk: Get connected with Professional Development modules from McGraw-Hill.
  2. American Memory: See collections resources in a variety of topics from the Library of Congress.
  3. Teaching American History: Learn about this professional development program from the US Department of Education.
  4. Exploring Data: In this collection, you’ll learn about teaching statistics and data exploration.
  5. 4 Blocks Model: You can learn about the 4-Blocks Literacy Model through this regular column.
  6. ED Pubs: You can order free US Department of Education publications from this website.
  7. Inspiring Teachers Recommended Authors: This resource recommends a variety of quality authors for continuing teacher education.
  8. Engaging all Learners: This site offers a variety of activities for engaging learner types.
  9. Highly Effective Teaching: Through HET, you can learn about integrating curriculum through brain based learning systems.
  10. NOVA: Explore science through PBS’s NOVA resource.
  11. Teacher to Teacher Initiative: This initiative provides teachers with technical support, professional development opportunities, and recognition.
  12. CAUSEweb: Get resources for teaching statistics from this website.
  13. The Chance Project: This project will help you learn how to use current news for studying probability and statistics.
  14. Exploratorium: In this website, you’ll find an online museum for science, art, and human perception.
  15. Teacher Quality Enhancement: Use these grants to improve your teaching quality.
  16. WebQuests: With WebQuests, you’ll be able to get web based teaching education.
  17. National Writing Project: With this project, you’ll improve your writing skills as a teacher.
  18. Arts in Education: Use this program to improve your arts education for teaching.


These universities offer free and open courses for anyone, including teachers, to take.

  1. MIT: MIT’s OpenCourseWare is easily the most complete collection of open courses available online.
  2. Utah State University: Utah State University’s Open Courseware has research and literature courses for teachers.
  3. Notre Dame OpenCourseWare: Check out Notre Dame’s collection of Open Course Ware to learn more about the topics that are important to your teaching.
  4. OpenCourseWare Finder: Use this website to locate open courses for continuing education.
  5. FETP OpenCourseWare: Become a part of the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program through this OpenCourseWare.
  6. Open Yale: Get an Ivy League continuing education through Open Yale.
  7. Stanford on iTunesU: Get continuing education to go with Stanford on iTunesU.
  8. Tufts OpenCourseWare: In this collection of courses, you’ll find life sciences and more.
  9. UChannel: Find public affairs lectures, events, panels, and more from all over the world on Channel.
  10. Open Video Project: This directory is one of the largest directories of educational videos.
  11. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: The Open Course Ware at Johns Hopkins offers education in public health and more.
  12. Open Learn Learning Space Directory: Check out this collection to find great nuggets of information for learning as a teacher.
  13. OpenUW: Find courses on history, health, and beyond on OpenUW.
  14. World Lecture Hall: Through the World Lecture Hall, you’ll find free online course materials from around the world.
  15. Open Courseware Consortium: Find course materials for continuing education on the Open Courseware Consortium website.
  16. ArsDigita University: On this website, you’ll find useful computer science lectures, coursework, and exams.
  17. UC Irvine OpenCourseWare: Study economics, math, business, and much more through UC Irvine’s OpenCourseWare.
  18. Open Learning Initiative: Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative covers math, science, and more.
  19. United Nations University: United Nations University offers courses designed to advance knowledge for human security, peace, and development.
  20. Sofia: Check out Sofia to find free intellectual assets you can use for continuing education.


Check out these communities to find great resources for continuing education and more.

  1. Ednet: Ednet discusses the Internet as a tool for education.
  2. K12Admin: This group is for K-12 school administrators.
  3. Projects-L: Join this list to discuss teaching via the project approach.
  4. Math-Teach list: In this list, you’ll learn about mathematics education.
  5. Edtech: Learn about educational technology with the Edtech listserv.
  6. Future Teachers Forum: Discuss education and more with future music education teachers on this forum.
  7. Middle-L: Share and learn about middle level education from this listserv.
  8. The Apple: This site is a great place for teachers to meet and learn.
  9. Teacher Educators’ Network: This network offers discussion on teacher education, inquiry-based learning, and more.
  10. LM_Net: Join LM_NET for library media networking.
  11. Ecenet-L: On this listserv, you can discuss early childhood education.