100 Best Blogs for Homeschooling Moms

Posted on August 16, 2009

The public school system isn’t for everyone. Some kids require special attention no classroom experience can provide. Whether your child is gifted or coping with learning disabilities, teaching at home caters to their specific needs. Check out these blogs perfect for homeschooling moms.
Blogs from Homeschooling Moms
Learning from the experiences of others is an invaluable virtue. Get invaluable advice at these blogs written by homeschooling moms.

  1. Notes from a Homeschooling Mom: A blog from a homeschooling mom teaching her kids at home, this site provides helpful posts and articles for at home education.
  2. Living, Learning, Laughing, Loving: The thoughts and feelings of a military wife and mother of all boys who is educating her children at home.
  3. Creative Homeschooling: Tips, ideas and encouragement for homeschooling moms, this site has unique advice and links to education resources.
  4. Web Homeschool: A group blog by a set of moms writing about the trials and successes of homeschooling using online resources.
  5. Help 4 Homeschool Moms: Encouragement and information for homeschooling moms, this blog has interesting articles for teaching your own children.
  6. Confessions of a Homeschool Mom: This mom provides commentary on events and news relating to homeschooling and her Christian faith.
  7. Homeschool Mom Tips: This blogger offers tips and advice for other moms seeking to provide their kids with an at home Christian education.
  8. Confessions of an Organizes Homeschool Mom: Organizational tips, lesson plans and product reviews to help make homeschool more manageable, this blog is great for homeschooling moms with little time.
  9. Mom Laughs: This extremely talented mom is a standup comic, syndicated humor columnist and teacher as she guides her own kids through their education.
  10. Home Grown Mommy: A parenting and homeschooling blog, this site offers lesson plans, curriculum and book reviews for at home education.
  11. momof6malloyboys: This mom of six boys has unbelievably undertaken the education of her entire family. Get tips and advice for running a classroom in your home.
  12. Moms the Word: An online diary of a mother writing about her life and the home education of her kids, this blog is colorful and fun.
  13. Work At Home: For Moms!: This blog helps moms who stay at home earn a substantial income.
  14. Evergreen Moms: Two moms living in the Pacific Northwest give you the hippie perspective on home schooling with this unique blog.
  15. My Homeschool: This mom blogs about the best online educational resources for homeschooling her children.
  16. Moms’ Buzz: A daily blog for busy moms giving tips and info on how to manage the stress and frustration.
  17. New Home School Mommy: For moms new to the homeschool experience, this blogs provides introductions on getting started, finding education materials and setting up a classroom in your home.
  18. ME School Mom: A blog about being a home school mom in Maine.
  19. The Connected Homeschool: Another blog offering tips and advice for new homeschool moms, this blog is especially useful for getting the tools you need for your at home classroom.
  20. The Christian Home Schooler: With advice, support, articles and products for parents that homeschool their kids, this blog is aimed at Christian parents.
  21. Homeschool Zoo Annex: Focused on providing homeschoolers with free or low-cost homeschool education resources, this blog is written by a former homeschool mom and is a must for homeschooling parents.
  22. Diary of a Homeschool Mom: This mom offers curriculums for every subject ranging from language arts to world history on her helpful blog.
  23. My teacher’s name is mom!: The writings of a homeschool mom educating her precocious and rowdy young boys.
  24. Mom and Miss A’s Homeschool Experience: Information for Christian homeschooling parents, this blog provides resources and advice for parents.
  25. Homeschooling Mom Going Sane: This mom uses her blog to connect with other homeschooling parents in order to share advice, support and resource assistance.

Blogs from Homeschooling Dads
The popular perception of a homemaking mom staying at home to tend to the kids is outdated in modern society. Dads are starting to stay home for a variety of reasons, including homeschooling. Here are the best blogs for homeschooling dads.

  1. A Family Runs Through It: A stay-at-home dad writes about parenting, homeschooling and his family life, this blog is interesting and sentimental.
  2. Stay at Home Husband: One man’s blog about staying at home to work and live with his kids.
  3. Cool Homeschooling: This blog serves as a guide to interesting sites and articles about home education.
  4. A Blogger and a Father: This site provides links to the best of blogging fathers and homeschooling dads.
  5. Confessions of a Homeschool Dad: This Texas-based blogger offers his unrestrained experience with homeschooling his kids.
  6. Memoirs of a Stay at Home Dad: The posts from this blogger dad provide tips and opinions for staying at home.
  7. Adventures of a Stay At Home Father: This stay at home dad and blogger went through an ugly divorce and now educates his two little girls.
  8. Blest with sons: This evangelical Christian writes about the joy of children and taking charge of their education.
  9. Being a Good Father: A breezy blog about wanting to be a good father and teacher.
  10. Simple Father: This blog discusses education and the complexities of raising children.

Tips and Advice for Homeschooling
Teaching your own children can be something of a challenge. Here are the best blogs offering tips and advice for homeschooling parents.

  1. Homesschool Creations: This blogger provides readers a glimpse into her life to offer tips and advice for homeschooling parents.
  2. Help U Homeschool: This blog has free information and product reviews for parents just starting to homeschool.
  3. Homeschool Insider: Get the best inside information for homeschooling your kids at this blog offering news, tips and commentary with a Christian perspective.
  4. Katie’s Homeschool Cottage: This parent homeschools her kids and provides her own books organized into convenient study guides.
  5. Best Homeschool Place: The best place online for homeschool tips, tricks along with lesson ideas and much, much more.
  6. Rewarding Homeschool Blog: Free online guides to homeschooling curriculums, field trip ideas and educational games this site makes learning fun and interesting.
  7. In Our Write Minds: Encouragement, ideas, and resources for teachers and homeschool parents as they teach their children to write.
  8. Homeschool Online: Focusing on progressive education methods, this site provides tips to using the Internet to maximize kids’ education.
  9. Homeschool Curriculum Reviews: This Arizona-based blogger reviews books and curriculum as well as discussing homeschooling methods and techniques.
  10. The Simple Homeschool: The place for free study guides, information about starting homeschooling and curriculum reviews, this site is useful and well-written.
  11. The Homeschool Messenger: This blog provides educational links and information for homeschooled kids.
  12. Boyd Family Homeschool: This Christian mom educates 6 children at home on her own and keeps this blog offering tips and advice.
  13. Early Years Homeschool Blog: This blog has the latest information on homeschooling during the early years of children’s lives and also includes resources for educating bilingual children.
  14. Heart of Wisdom: A blogger gives advice to parents just starting to homeschool, this site includes advice, useful articles and links.
  15. Homeschool Entrepreneur: This homeschooling family lives in central Tennessee has years of valuable experience to offer on textbooks, lessons plans and curriculum.
  16. Homeschool Mate: A blog that gives its readers access to resources for following government guidelines for homeschooling.
  17. Homeschool Crumbs: The daily life of a homeschooling mom and outdoor enthusiast, this blog includes tips and information for buying school supplies, planning fun lessons and raising active kids.
  18. Razzle Dazzle: This blog provides tips and advice for teaching your kids top notch writing skills at home.
  19. Homeschool Math Blog: Teaching ideas and skills necessary for math this path provides worksheets, articles and advice for homeschool education.
  20. Education & Homeschool News: This blog includes articles and news for homeschool children and parents.
  21. The Preschool Homeschool: News, commentary and advice for parents homeschooling their preschool children, this blog includes e-book reviews and links to other helpful blogs.
  22. Heathen Homeschoolers: Tips and advice for homeschool parents from a secular view point, this blog offers readers resources for running an at home classroom.
  23. educationtipster: Parents and teachers will discover a unique approach to teaching young children math, phonics, reading, writing, and science.

Tips and Advice on College for Homeschooling Students
Getting into a good college is important for a number of students, including homeschool kids. These blogs have tips, tools and invaluable information to get homeschooled students into their top school.

  1. King of College: Learn from the mistakes of these seasoned college veterans by following the advice from this blog offering tips and guides to college.
  2. School is Hard: Answering any and all questions relating to college, this site has amazing articles for getting financial aid and scholarships.
  3. Life on the Road: These kids live and go to school on an RV with their parents. This blog details their adventures on the road.
  4. Dr. Wizard’s Advice to College: An entertaining blog offering practical and humorous advice for college students from the perspective of a 28-year-old professor who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be one himself.
  5. Salile Ma College Answer Blog: This blog answer questions relating to financial aid and student loans, this site takes questions from real users and gets answers from experts.
  6. Christian Universities: A blog about incorporating Christian values and morals into distance education and homeschooling.
  7. ePrep: A blog about getting ready for college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, this site has excellent test prep resources.

Blogs on Getting Cheap Educational Resources
Homeschooling has its advantages and drawbacks. One significant drawback for parents is the cost of providing educational resources. Check out these blogs offering articles and posts for cheap education tools.

  1. Homeschool Savings Blog: This blog has current homeschool curriculum and resource updates to save you time and money on educating kids.
  2. Homeschool Notebooking: This blogger details her adventures in homeschooling that also offers resources for your personal classroom.
  3. Spotty Banana Homeschool: This blog has homeschool resources, recommendations, original lesson plans, commentary and news relating to the eclectic approach to American homeschooling.
  4. Homeschool Websites: A blog listing of homeschools and educational links to resources parents can use to education their kids.
  5. Wichita Christian Homeschool: This blog has Christian resources for homeschooling families written by the owner of a tutoring business in Wichita, Kansas.
  6. My Homeschool: A blog about finding the online resources homeschooling parents need to educate their children on a budget.
  7. Home Schooling: A blog all about homeschooling kids, this site provides links to resource and curriculum.
  8. CompleteLee Blog: A wide variety of posts pertaining to family life, homeschool, music, sports and spontaneous words of wisdom and wit.
  9. Wild at Home: A blog about homeschool and education resources, this site also covers topics such as politics and law.
  10. Home Sweet Homeschool: Homeschooling resources and links, this blog makes setting up your own classroom fun, cheap and easy.
  11. Homeschooling from the Trenches: Product reviews and advice for homeschooling parents, this blog details the adventures of two parents educating their kids.
  12. This Side of Eternity: A homeschooling mom who saves dollars and sense by bringing other parents all the best deals, coupons, freebies, and ideas that can find.

Blogs from Homeschooled Kids
The school experience is different for every student. These blogs from homeschooled kids provide important insight into their lives.

  1. Homeschooling Academy: A blog from a homeschooled student that covers education issues and includes fun lesson ideas.
  2. Homeschool Blogger: This database of blogs from homeschool kids is massive and includes links to additional resources.
  3. Stampede Homeschool: A blog about the homeschool experience, this site includes product reviews and posts about being an at home student.
  4. Barton Cottage: A Christian homeschool student shares her insight into education and lessons from parents.
  5. Deliberate Life: Offering motivation and guidance for homeschool student from a homeschool student, the posts on this blog are well-written and fun.
  6. Apples of Gold: The blog provided by this ministry gives Christian homeschool students a place to share advice, meet and provide commentary.
  7. Homeschooling Education: Information and news articles on homeschooling, this blog covers topics currently effecting students learning at home.
  8. Independent Homeschooling: Giving motivation and guidance to homeschool students, this blog has in depth and useful posts.
  9. Classical Scholar: Strategies and tips for homeschool students, this blog provides tricks for saving time on in home education.
  10. Homeschooling Your Child: A guide offering advice, help and resources for getting an education at home, this blog includes clear and instructive posts.
  11. The Homeschool Way: The posts on this site are dedicated to homeschool students looking to get a full education experience including extracurricular and social activities.
  12. My Smoky Mtn. Homeschool: For homeschool students, this blog as posts following e life and education of a group of kids living in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tips and Advice for Homeschooling Kids with Special Needs
Inadequate resources for special needs students is a common reason for parents to homeschool their children. These blogs give parents tips and advice for homeschooling kids with special needs.

  1. Special Connection Homeschool: A homeschooling mom of a daughter with Down syndrome started this page to share resources for others who have special needs kids and homeschool.
  2. LD Parents: This blog is for the homeschooling parents of children with disabilities.
  3. Profiles of Martial Artists with Disabilities: A blog encouraging people with disabilities to learn martial arts, this site includes advice and tips.
  4. A New Vision: This blog features public education, essays, encouragement, and actual stories of people with significant disabilities who obtain employment, wages, and community integration in their lives.
  5. Special Education and Disability Rights Blog: A team of attorneys and advocates in southern California who represent parents of students with disabilities this blog is a place for anyone interested in special education issues to share stories and ideas with the special education community.
  6. Autism Assistance: Provides information about grants, financial assistance, funding strategies and other resources to help families coping with autism and other disabilities.
  7. Disability is an Art: A blog for people with disabilities to discuss problems without fear or hesitation.
  8. The Disability Facts Blog: The blog includes disability-related resources, information, and tips related to employment and homeschooling issues.
  9. Blue Room Weblog: A health blog to support people with depression, anxiety and other mental disabilities, Blue Room includes posts and articles for homeschooling.
  10. Disability and Health: A blog that focuses on disability articles concerning physical and mental health and information concerning federal benefits.
  11. Eclectic Education: This homeschooling blogger cares for her two special needs kids and offers tips for others in the same situation.