Is marketing as glamorous as it seems to be on the television show Mad Men?

Posted on November 06, 2010

With the rise in popularity of the AMC television show Mad Men, many people are interested in what an actual marketing career will look like. Specifically, is it as glamorous and free-spirited as the employees of “Sterling Cooper” make it look? Can you still make tons of cash, live the high life, all the while shaping the American mind with your clever ads and marketing campaigns? There of course is no easy answer to this question. Marketing still has a very large impact on the American psyche and with the advent of the internet, mobile devices, smart phones, and almost non-stop advertising there is very little chance that this will change any time soon. However, the nature of American life has changed quite a bit from the time period when the show is based.

It probably goes without saying, but there are many things that have changed since the 1960’s that will no longer be true of a marketing professional. First, the abundance of smoking and drinking on the job has most certainly stopped. While you may be able to drink alcohol in limited quantities depending on your employer’s preference, it most certainly will not be at your personal leisure and drunkenness will most certainly not be tolerated. Smoking of course has been largely outlawed indoors in most states and it is probably not a wise health decision. Interoffice relationships have also changed drastically. No longer is the sexism, racism and flagrant disregard for proper professional relationships tolerated. In fact, most companies have long held that two co-workers and especially supervisor and employee romantic relationships are forbidden.

That being said, there is still a lot of room for those who wish to create marketing campaigns for companies small or large. Due to the large amount of companies in our country and the world there will always be a need for marketing.

Those who become successful in marketing will probably not be a specialist in one particular area. Instead they will be a student of everything around them: culture, art, language, people, and psychology. These things all play a role in marketing. If this sounds interesting to you consider pursuing a bachelors of marketing through one of the variety of online degree programs.