Discover campus schools and programs via an interactive Google map

  1. This top-left part of the interface will always display the total number of schools found (and number displayed) within the current map bounds or selected city, state, or geo-coordinates.
  2. Use your mouse to move and zoom the map to any area in the US, choose the subject area of your choice (or leave 'All Subjects' selected), and click "Update Map" to load in the appropriate schools.
  3. Use these tabs to show nearby cities, states, and more information about the subject and/or area you are viewing.
  4. Clicking on the "More Info" button on the left listings or in the info window for a school on the map will load in lots of information about a school.

Obtain comprehensive information about every higher-education school in the US

  • School Summary — shows a photo of the campus, a description, rankings, enrollment, and general information such as special learning opportunities, student services, types of awards offered, and more.
  • Costs — describes how many students receive financial aid via grants and/or scholarships, on- and off-campus room and board expenses, and average yearly living expenses taking into account tuition, books, living, and financial aid.
  • Admissions — shows enrollment and graduation rates of students that have applied for, accepted, and graduated from this school. Detailed statistics are shown, if available, about retention rates, application details, prerequisites, and test scores.
  • Programs — lists comprehensive information about the departments and programs offered, including the number of graduates last year at five different levels.
  • Social — allows you to interact with others online via Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and more. Recent Facebook comments are shown about the school, and you can even view which of your Facebook friends went there! Rankings, reviews, and professor information from different departments are shown here as well.
  • Contact — enables you to send a message directly to the school's admissions department or contact them publicly via various social media channels that are available.
  • News — gives links to local and campus newspapers so you can read more about the school and its city. Recent news is also listed about the school (powered by Google news).
  • Ready to visit your selected schools? Click Get Directions and get the information you need to take a road trip.

  • By clicking the Housing tab you can find local condos, apartments, houses, etc. within any US map area. Narrow your search by selected the desired number of rooms, baths, price range, and square footage.

  • The Local Guide provides easy access to yelp data & reviews about local restaurants, shopping, night life, hotels, and much more...