How to Become a Master Chef Through Online Education

Posted on November 03, 2010

Looking up at me through a swirling cloud of thick gray smoke, my wife cried out "Help, honey! I'm burning the (insert any food here) again!" If this is a regular occurrence at your house, and the kids are starting to look a bit thin and keep asking for McDonald's, maybe it's time you considered a little bit of culinary education to help your little wifey out. In fact, both of you could enroll! There are many available resources online for the struggling chef and the expert who wants to know more- even possibly (gasp!) pursuing a career in the food industry.

Roles have changed in the kitchen since the 1950's, in case you hadn't noticed- and now men and women are sharing the cooking duties around the house.Not only have the roles changed, but so has the classroom. It used to be that said wifey would be taught at her mother's side all of the family recipes, and then she would either bless or subject her family to those family traditions (another dry Thanksgiving turkey, anyone?). Now, thanks to the Food Network and online technology, all of us can grow in our knowledge and skills to create something that expresses our love for food and our love for our families.

Through online courses by such renowned colleges as Le Cordon Bleu and The Art Institute Online you can actually pursue a bachelor's degree in many different aspects of the food industry; from food preparation to inventory, purchasing and management. Online cooking schools are divided into two types: schools offering degree, diploma, or certificate programs, and schools offering casual cooking instruction. Many of the higher level courses have some requirements; some require a previous associates degree in food preparation or service, and also many require physical tutelage and attendance due to the impracticality of grading your food without tasting it. However, for the novice who just wants to learn, the possibilities are endless. A simple search of "online culinary courses" pulls up hundreds to thousands of legitimate online courses and videos geared for the beginner and expert alike.

So wade through the smoke and bacon grease and search through watery eyes for all of your online cooking needs. They are out there, waiting to save you and your family from sure starvation or maybe worse, a fast food diet! Bon Appetit!