Should a nurse pursue a Master of Science in Nursing?

Posted on November 04, 2010

Many nurses today are considering this very question: Should an already practicing nurse pursue a Master’s of Science in Nursing? There are many different things to consider when pursuing continuing education. Questions such as: How long will it take? Is it cost effective? Can I handle the increased school work while still working full time? Can I work full-time while pursuing another degree? The short answer is that there are many benefits to pursuing a MSN and with the abundance of online education opportunities it is easier and more cost effective than ever to pursue an MSN while still working as a full-time nurse.

Consider some of the following benefits to receiving your Master’s of Science in Nursing. First, you will have a wide variety of career options open before you. Four fields in particular will instantly be open for you to participate in. These include: Nurse practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Certified Nurse Anesthetist. These are all specialized fields of practice that allows you to give the level of care and attention to your patients that was once only reserved for doctors. While there are many variables to salary range the average salary for a nurse with their MSN ranges from $70,000 to $100,000.

Generally a Masters of Nursing degree will be pursued by those that already have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is known as a Registered Nurse (RN) to Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) program where a student already possesses the degree and experience of a nurse and wishes to take their career to the next level. Other programs may be referred to as ‘direct entry’ programs in which a student already possesses a bachelor’s degree in another field and wishes to become a nurse. Lastly, some programs are called post masters certificate program which allows a student that holds a nursing certificate to receive their master’s degree.

A Master’s of Science in Nursing is the perfect degree for anyone looking to receive advanced medical training, earn a larger salary, and move into an exciting and innovative field where you get to save lives and help people daily. For already practicing nurses, in particular, this is a fantastic option to consider with the abundance of online schools and programs. These will allow you to keep practicing in your current career while pursuing your MSN.