Considering an online seminary or ministry degree?

Posted on November 03, 2010

You may have had or heard the calling since you were young. You may have recently become a Christian and want to share with others most effectively what God has done in you. You have desired to go to school and become a certified pastor or theological expert but not had the resources- neither the time nor the money to pursue your calling. Now, through the many available online seminary courses, you can achieve what you have only dreamed of!

Most churches and religious institutions require that you have a basic degree in Ministry or Theological Studies before they would even consider hiring you. Most people won't listen to you unless they see that you know what you are talking about. In the past, that would have required thousands of dollars and at least several years' of study at an institution; you would have to move your family and pay exorbitant costs on a very limited budget. We all know that most pastors aren't rich men, at least in terms of worldly riches! However, there are now many highly accredited colleges and seminaries that offer a full range of online courses, from the basic (Certificate of Graduate Studies, 30 hours) to the ultimate, Dr. of Ministry (from the Baptist Bible Seminary, about one year).

These courses offer great flexibility and depth. You can complete studies from your home or office. Some courses are taught online in eight-week sessions beginning in January, June and October. All assignments for the course will be completed within two months of the last day of class. The convenient formats allow you to pursue your education without relocating your family or leaving your ministry. These courses are designed for people who may even be in a full time ministry position or a full time job- all have been made achievable through the use of online videos and correspondence with the professors.

So now, you can pursue your calling without sacrificing your family or job in a way that doesn't leave them unloved or unprotected. You can focus on what you can learn and grow in instead of how fast your school loans are bulging with interest. You will be astonished how many schools are offering these fully accredited, complete courses- all you need to do is look!