50 Tips and Tools to Find Scholarships on Twitter

Posted on August 10, 2009

By Donna Scott
You’re probably aware of the popular social networking tool Twitter. But did you know that it’s great for finding scholarships? It’s true; you can find excellent resources for landing scholarships through this tool, and we’ve highlighted 50 tips and tools that can help you get to them.


Take this advice when you’re looking for scholarships on Twitter.

  1. Search: Do a search on Twitter to find the most recent conversations about scholarships.
  2. #scholarship: This hash tag will direct you to a wealth of tweets about scholarships.
  3. Look for keywords: Search for keywords like deadline, www, application, and pdf.
  4. Seek out links: Be sure to follow links from tweets about scholarships.
  5. Look for scholarship deadlines: Search for scholarships with upcoming deadlines for fast money.
  6. Look in your demographic and interests: Search for terms that include your demographics and interests.
  7. Set up reminders: Subscribe to searches for specific scholarships so you’ll get reminders about deadlines and more.
  8. Find brand new scholarships: Keep your ear to the ground on Twitter, and you’ll find brand new scholarships not many people know about yet.
  9. Look for hashtags: If you see a hashtag in a scholarship tweet, check it out to see if you can find more relevant scholarship information.
  10. Subscribe to useful searches: Use Google Reader to subscribe to searches that regularly produce results.
  11. Network: Twitter is great for more than information gathering-you can network and connect with people who can help you land a scholarship.


Follow these Twitter feeds for constant scholarship links.

  1. @scholarships: With the help of this feed, you can find a variety of scholarships advertised on Twitter.
  2. @FastWebdotcom: FastWeb shares scholarships, insider tips, promotions, and more on this Twitter feed.
  3. @collegematching: @collegematching specializes in matching students with schools, as well as scholarships.
  4. @ScholarshipsUSA: Check out @ScholarshipsUSA for scholarship guides, updates, and more.
  5. @FafsaHelp: Follow this feed to get help finding money through FAFSA.
  6. @hiasscholarship: If you’re an immigrant or refugee student in the US or Israel, follow the HIAS Scholarship program that awards more than 200 scholarships each year.
  7. @scholarship: Find advice, scholarships, and more on this Twitter feed.
  8. @intlscholarship: @intlscholarship will help you find international scholarships and funding.
  9. @careerscolleges: Get news, scholarships, and more from the Twitter behind the database of Careers & Colleges.
  10. @scholarshipz: Follow @scholarshipz to get hooked up with a scholarship that’s right for you.
  11. Scholarshipscom: With the help of Scholarshipscom, you can find money for college.
  12. @ScholarshipsUSA: Find daily scholarship postings on this Twitter account.
  13. @ProjectWorkingM: Get a full-ride scholarship from Project Working Mom.
  14. @minoritynurse: @minoritynurse shares news, resources, and more for the education, careers, and scholarships for minority nurses.
  15. @winscholarships: You can earn points and increase your chances of winning scholarship drawings by following @winscholarships.


With these tools, your Twitter scholarship search will be easier and more effective.

  1. TweetBeep: Use TweetBeep to get alerts about scholarships, websites, and more.
  2. Twellow: Using the Twellow directory, you can find all of the feeds relevant for Twitter scholarships.
  3. Flock O’ Tweets: You can group all of your Twitter scholarship feeds into one RSS by using Flock O’ Tweets.
  4. TwitterHawk: TwitterHawk will allow you to find people on Twitter that are talking about scholarships.
  5. Twitterlocal: With Twitterlocal, you’ll be able to filter tweets based on profile location, and find local scholarships.
  6. Tweet Scan: Find out what’s being said about scholarships on Twitter by using Tweet Scan.
  7. Google Reader: Google Reader can be used to carefully organize your Twitter scholarship feeds.
  8. AlertThingy: See data streams from FriendFeed, including Twitter and more, using AlertThingy.
  9. Splitweet: If you have a Twitter account just for scholarships, this multi account manager will come in handy.
  10. FriendFeed: Keep all of your scholarship activity on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites in one place using FriendFeed.
  11. Nearby Tweets/a>: With the help of Nearby Tweets, you’ll be able to find local scholarships.
  12. Twitterverse: Twitterverse allows you to search through the archives of public timelines.
  13. Monitter: See real time tweets by location with the help of this tool.
  14. Tweetpeek: Create a group Twitter feed with the help of Tweetpeek.
  15. TwitterWho: TwitterWho will allow you to search for multiple queries on Twitter at once.
  16. Twitter100: This tool uses a box for people you follow on a single page, and displays their tweets.
  17. TwitterNotes: Create taggable notes using Twitter on TwitterNotes.
  18. TwitterLocal: Create a filtered list of tweets from a specific area using TwitterLocal.
  19. FriendFeed Filters: With FriendFeed filters, you’ll be able to create filters and groups of feeds.
  20. TweetDeck: Make your Twitter scholarship search super organized with the help of TweetDeck.
  21. Twitterator: Follow an entire group of people at once with the help of Twitterator.
  22. Terraminds: Use Terraminds to search for specific users or tweets.
  23. Twits Like Me: Find the tweets of feeds written about scholarships by using this tool.
  24. Twitter Digest: With Twitter Digest, you can subscribe to Twitter users or a group of users, and receive their tweets through an Atom feed.