Top systems administration jobs that prefer a network+ certification

Posted on November 03, 2010

Usually someone with a N+ certification is beginning in his/her IT education. There are many jobs available in entry level IT work. Typically you would begin as a systems analyst or and junior systems administrator. N+ is a vendor neutral certification so it prepares you to learn whatever proprietary networks and systems that the company uses. Typically the N+ certification works as an endorsement to someone who already has some experience with computers. To become a junior systems admin you will be expected to both have the N+ certification and likely some familiarity with microcomputer applications and knowledge of common operating systems like Microsoft Windows.

There are other jobs for those with an N+ Certification like jobs as a technical support analyst. As a technical support analyst you will be expected to answer phone calls from users and troubleshoot networking issues. This may be over the work in a telephone center or possibly in an office were you go on technical support calls. These types of jobs are available in both small and large firms, in both for profit businesses and non-profits.

Lastly, a job as a telephony network manager is possible. The N+ Certification will prepare you to handle work related to networking including routers, switches, and call managers. As a telephony network manager y will need to be able to map IP addresses and subnet masks while working on a call manager. The N+ Certification will give you an edge when it comes to competing for telephony jobs. However, you may faced with propriety systems like Cisco Call Manager which will require additional certifications and training in the Cisco networking environment such as a CCNA or CCNP. Typically a Network+ certification will make obtaining these certifications much easier.