How to become a Sommelier with an online education

Posted on November 03, 2010

Do you have a passion for wine and want to seek a career in the wine industry? Or, do you love sharing your experience and knowledge to help other people enjoy wine? If so, there are many opportunities acquire a certificate as a sommelier online, without having to fly to France! The days of the stuffy, self important wine steward are gone now- you can become a certified wine expert through a series of online courses and tests that will allow you to not only achieve that perfect job but also throw an amazing party!

Sommelier Training Programs

As interest in fine wines continues to grow in our culture, so have the demands for professionally trained sommeliers. A sommelier is a wine steward with expert knowledge about a variety of wines, the foods they pair best with, serving wine and different vintages.

Introductory sommelier exams may consist of 70 to 100 multiple choice questions resulting in a certification. An increased merit exam can be taken over the course of a few days and include blind tastings, a written theory exam and a practical service exam. Written exams are often timed, and require a minimum score of 60 percent in all three sections to pass the examination. Certification courses often vary in length. There are quite a few different levels of certification: There are courses that range from the basic (Wine Spectator School - The print magazine hosts online classes for the novice or professional with a free sample course), to Mid-level and Advanced degrees. The class teaching style can range from group tutorials held in Napa Valley, California to one on one with Master Sommeliers, and are often self-paced. Some schools even offer free trial courses, and bursaries for people in need of financial assistance.

Whether you want to simply impress your friends, grow in your personal knowledge, or pursue a career as a Master Sommelier, there are many great options to achieve these goals online. Where else could you be assigned homework to drink wine in your own living room? Vino Veritas!