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The human body is an amazing organic machine capable of many amazing things. While we may think of our bodies as uncomplicated (we eat, sleep, and exercise to care for it). It is in fact a well tuned and very powerful machine. This will come as no surprise when you consider things like the complexity of the eyeball or the power of the human brain. The following is a list of 15 facts about the human body you probably didn’t know and will likely find surprising.

Did you know that your nose can actually remember and correctly distinguish between 50,000 different scents? Sure you have heard the old description of an idea as a “light-bulb” turning on, but what may surprise you is that the human brain actually does use enough energy to really power a 25 watt light bulb.

The heart is a very powerful muscle that keeps blood flowing throughout your body but did you know that it is so strong that it can shoot blood up to 30 feet in the air? Speaking of blood, each square inch of human skin has at least 20 feet of blood vessels to ensure that your body gets all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function properly.

The human stomach is so powerful in digestion that you get an entirely new stomach lining every 3 to 4 days. If for some reason this stomach lining wasn’t replaced you would actually digest your own stomach. The small intestines which are another part of the digestive tract are very compact; if you decided to extend them they would reach 23 feet in length!

Do you have sweaty feet? No wonder because there are 500,000 sweat glands between the pair of them. The femur or your thigh bone is extremely hard. We often think of bones as being easily breakable but the femur is actually harder than concrete. Would it surprise you if I told you that a hairy chimpanzee actually has as many hairs per square inch as the human body? Or that I could identify you as easily by your tongue print as by your finger print? It turns out that each tongue is so unique that no two are alike.

If you ever wonder why there is so much dust in your house your answer is as simple as your own body. Your body actually sheds 40 pounds of skin in a lifetime creating dust in houses. Think your finger nails grow fast? Actually it may surprise you to know that it takes 6 months to grown from base to tip.

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