Considering an Online Adult Education Certification?

Jones International University has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in adult education to become successful adult education teachers, economics professors, teachers, educators, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 56,880 individuals employed as education teachers in America, and their average annual salary is $62,160. Education administrators make on average $95,340 per year and there are about 105,900 of them employed today .

Adult Education Common Job Tasks
  • talking to prospective learners about course choices
  • keeping up to date with relevant subject areas
  • developing and preparing appropriate learning materials
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MEd in Adult Education

JIU’s MEd in Adult Education will provide you the practical skills, techniques, and confidence to excel in this growing industry. Our project-based degree program is comprehensive – you will address not only theory, organizational development strategies and assessments of adult learning, but apply this new knowledge to real-world situations.

Adult Education Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Adult Education Schools (campus and online)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Total Programs 215
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 23rd
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Total Programs 279
Number of Subjects 183
Rank in USA 31st
Boston University
Total Programs 6
Number of Subjects 124
Rank in USA 32nd
Texas A & M University
Total Programs 167
Number of Subjects 135
Rank in USA 36th
University of Georgia
Total Programs 197
Number of Subjects 156
Rank in USA 38th
George Washington University
Total Programs 194
Number of Subjects 171
Rank in USA 52nd
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Total Programs 152
Number of Subjects 117
Rank in USA 55th
University of Connecticut
Total Programs 191
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 63rd
North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Total Programs 175
Number of Subjects 137
Rank in USA 70th
James Madison University
Total Programs 80
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 72nd
Fordham University
Total Programs 108
Number of Subjects 92
Rank in USA 93rd
Temple University
Total Programs 210
Number of Subjects 158
Rank in USA 105th
Auburn University Main Campus
Total Programs 131
Number of Subjects 128
Rank in USA 115th
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
Total Programs 139
Number of Subjects 125
Rank in USA 121st
University of South Florida
Total Programs 140
Number of Subjects 131
Rank in USA 138th
Western Washington University
Total Programs 153
Number of Subjects 121
Rank in USA 143rd
Loyola University Chicago
Total Programs 160
Number of Subjects 125
Rank in USA 144th
Seattle University
Total Programs 106
Number of Subjects 118
Rank in USA 169th
Ball State University
Total Programs 161
Number of Subjects 129
Rank in USA 196th
Florida International University
Total Programs 129
Number of Subjects 139
Rank in USA 197th