Considering an Online Database Management Certification?

Strayer University has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in database management to become successful database managers, database administrators, database engineers, database developers and professionals, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 108,080 individuals employed as database administrators in America, and their average annual salary is $74,290. Computer support specialists make on average $47,360 per year and there are about 540,560 of them employed today .

Database Management Common Job Tasks
  • identifying the requirements of the user
  • designing and implementing system security
  • designing, maintaining, and controlling the corporate database
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Diploma in Information Systems: Database Management Emphasis

This course of study focuses on the acquisition of information systems knowledge and skills. The program is designed for individuals seeking computer skills to increase their job opportunities in their current careers or to pursue new careers. The diploma program also is advantageous to students desiring early entry into the job market, preparing students for entry-level computer positions. The basic requirement for admission to the diploma program is a high school diploma or its equivalency. Also available: a Master of Science, a Bachelor of Science, an Associate in Arts, an Executive Graduate Certificate in Information Systems, and an Undergraduate Certificate in Information Systems.

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Systems: Database Management Emphasis

As information systems evolve, continuing education remains as a critical part of technology. It is essential for information technology professionals to enhance their efficiency capability by gaining skills in areas such as: programming, database technology, database administration, database technology application development, web development, networking, inter-networking, security administration, computer security and homeland security and information systems. Strayer University’s Undergraduate Certificate prepares today’s information technology professionals to meet the ever changing needs in the information technology profession. The program is designed for students who already have experience in the information systems field who are seeking additional knowledge and skills in specific areas of information systems. Students are expected to demonstrate basic computer skills in order to succeed in this program.

Database Management Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Database Management Schools (campus and online)

George Washington University
Total Programs 194
Number of Subjects 171
Rank in USA 52nd
Northeastern University
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 56th
North Carolina State University at Raleigh
Total Programs 175
Number of Subjects 137
Rank in USA 70th
Rochester Institute of Technology
Total Programs 1
Number of Subjects 108
Rank in USA 137th
Towson University
Total Programs 114
Number of Subjects 109
Rank in USA 141st
University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
Total Programs 202
Number of Subjects 152
Rank in USA 194th
Central Michigan University
Total Programs 186
Number of Subjects 145
Rank in USA 239th
Midway College
Total Programs 35
Number of Subjects 46
Rank in USA 327th
Stephen F Austin State University
Total Programs 114
Number of Subjects 117
Rank in USA 457th
Arkansas State University-Main Campus
Total Programs 135
Number of Subjects 124
Rank in USA 462nd
Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Total Programs 88
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 586th
Hawaii Pacific University
Total Programs 6
Number of Subjects 65
Rank in USA 589th
Kirksville Area Technical Center
Total Programs 19
Number of Subjects 17
Rank in USA 728th
Hebrew Theological College
Total Programs 13
Number of Subjects 20
Rank in USA 729th
Miami University-Oxford
Total Programs 150
Number of Subjects 132
Rank in USA 764th
Trumbull Business College
Total Programs 11
Number of Subjects 20
Rank in USA 778th
George Mason University
Total Programs 131
Number of Subjects 125
Rank in USA 898th
Central Career Institute LLC
Total Programs 5
Number of Subjects 6
Rank in USA 949th
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center
Total Programs 15
Number of Subjects 29
Rank in USA 964th
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Total Programs 16
Number of Subjects 23
Rank in USA 978th