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Penn Foster Career School has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in day care to become successful child care workers, nannies, day care specialists, day care professionals, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 595,650 individuals employed as child care workers in America, and their average annual salary is $20,940. Child, family, and school social workers make on average $43,540 per year and there are about 277,670 of them employed today .

Day Care Common Job Tasks
  • watching children all day
  • making snacks and nutritious meals for children
  • making sure children are safe
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Child Day Care Management

Prepare for a career in Child Day Care Management — at home, at your own pace, with Penn Foster Career School. Turn your love for children into an exciting career with the Penn Foster Career School Child Day Care Management Program. Train quickly and conveniently. Learn to: * Organize educational activities * Set up and maintain a clean, safe, and well-organized day child environment * Introduce computers to children through play * Understand the relationship between guidance and discipline * Operate your own child day care facility And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed! Get the latest information on licensing, accreditation and certification, working with parents, and financing and budgeting your child care center — exactly what you need to start your career in Child Day Care Management.

Day Care Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Day Care Schools (campus and online)

Johns Hopkins University
Total Programs 178
Number of Subjects 136
Rank in USA 19th
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Total Programs 148
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 20th
Emory University
Total Programs 112
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 30th
Boston University
Total Programs 6
Number of Subjects 124
Rank in USA 32nd
Tulane University of Louisiana
Total Programs 131
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 60th
Mills College
Total Programs 73
Number of Subjects 69
Rank in USA 303rd
University of La Verne
Total Programs 71
Number of Subjects 78
Rank in USA 361st
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 128
Rank in USA 441st
Boise State University
Total Programs 171
Number of Subjects 149
Rank in USA 448th
Arkansas State University-Main Campus
Total Programs 135
Number of Subjects 124
Rank in USA 462nd
University of Alaska Anchorage
Total Programs 151
Number of Subjects 134
Rank in USA 511th
University of the Incarnate Word
Total Programs 94
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 535th
Campbellsville University
Total Programs 68
Number of Subjects 75
Rank in USA 539th
Hannibal Career and Technical Center
Total Programs 22
Number of Subjects 20
Rank in USA 572nd
Chestnut Hill College
Total Programs 65
Number of Subjects 79
Rank in USA 593rd
Purdue University-Calumet Campus
Total Programs 69
Number of Subjects 74
Rank in USA 594th
Keystone College
Total Programs 60
Number of Subjects 58
Rank in USA 647th
University of Maryland-College Park
Total Programs 182
Number of Subjects 133
Rank in USA 665th
Mount Ida College
Total Programs 39
Number of Subjects 56
Rank in USA 688th
Post University
Total Programs 51
Number of Subjects 254
Rank in USA 703rd