Considering an Online Educational Leadership Certification?

Western Governors University, the school below with the highest ranking, has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in educational leadership to become successful principals, education administrators, educational leadership specialists, educational coaches, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 28,710 individuals employed as education administrators in America, and their average annual salary is $80,140. Education administrators, elementary and secondary school make on average $87,390 per year and there are about 219,280 of them employed today .

Educational Leadership Common Job Tasks
  • developing programs to enhance skills learning
  • attending meetings
  • advising on curriculum changes
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Endorsement Prep. Program in Educational Leadership

Our online endorsement in education leadership program is a great way for those with master’s degrees to become a principal, vice principal, or associate principal. This program is designed for currently licensed teachers who desired to become licensed as a school principal. You will become a highly effective, instruction-based, certified principal.

Continuing Teacher Education - Administration

Earn the continuing education credits you need for potential recertification, endorsements or professional growth online from the comfort of your home or office. University of Phoenix offers continuing teacher education courses to educators in various fields. Our graduate-level courses are taken entirely online offering greater flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Classes are taught by experienced, graduate-level educated faculty who work in those same fields. Class assignments relate to your job and the needs of your school.

Graduate Certificate in Superintendency

Abilene Christian University's Superintendency Certificate is designed to prepare future school leaders for the essential position of superintendent of K-12 schools. The program is for practicing administrators and/or those with masters' degrees and principal certificates who wish to work toward Superintendent Certification. The Certificate has been built on national standards and the online format allows working professionals to fit required course work into their work schedule and complete their certification requirements without ever leaving home.

Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development

Grand Canyon University's Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program with an Emphasis in Organizational Development is designed to prepare students to handle the challenges that modern organizations face in this rapidly evolving global environment. Learn more about Grand Canyon University's Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development here. Students enrolled in the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program with an Emphasis in Organizational Development at Grand Canyon University have the opportunity to learn about organizational theory, structure, and behavior. The program is designed to offer students the skills needed to deal with the challenges that contemporary organizations face and to develop new styles of leadership and organizational methods. Students also study how toxic leadership can destroy organizations, the need for organizational accountability and governance, and the rising trend of value-driven organizations that are redefining the relationship between employer and employee by adding meaning to the workplace.

Educational Leadership Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Educational Leadership Schools (campus and online)

Harvard University
Total Programs 113
Number of Subjects 76
Rank in USA 1st
Yale University
Total Programs 132
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 2nd
Stanford University
Total Programs 126
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 3rd
Columbia University in the City of New York
Total Programs 192
Number of Subjects 141
Rank in USA 4th
University of Pennsylvania
Total Programs 188
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 5th
University of California-Berkeley
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 6th
University of California-Los Angeles
Total Programs 168
Number of Subjects 111
Rank in USA 7th
Brown University
Total Programs 135
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 9th
University of Southern California
Total Programs 251
Number of Subjects 166
Rank in USA 10th
Northwestern University
Total Programs 197
Number of Subjects 139
Rank in USA 11th
New York University
Total Programs 204
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 13th
University of Virginia-Main Campus
Total Programs 106
Number of Subjects 103
Rank in USA 16th
Vanderbilt University
Total Programs 144
Number of Subjects 81
Rank in USA 17th
The University of Texas at Austin
Total Programs 169
Number of Subjects 141
Rank in USA 18th
Johns Hopkins University
Total Programs 178
Number of Subjects 136
Rank in USA 19th
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Total Programs 148
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 20th
University of California-San Diego
Total Programs 121
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 22nd
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Total Programs 215
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 23rd
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Total Programs 243
Number of Subjects 168
Rank in USA 26th
Boston College
Total Programs 112
Number of Subjects 94
Rank in USA 29th