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Penn Foster Career School has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in hotel management to become successful hotel managers, hotel and hospitality managers, food service managers, resort managers, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 224,360 individuals employed as hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks in America, and their average annual salary is $21,130. Lodging managers make on average $53,500 per year and there are about 31,660 of them employed today .

Hotel Management Common Job Tasks
  • using a computer to track guests bills, reservations
  • hiring and training the staff
  • providing quality food
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Hotel/Restaurant Management

Learn the skills you need for a career as a Hotel/Restaurant Manager - at home, at your own pace, with Penn Foster Career School. There are certain skills you need to begin a career in Hotel/Restaurant Management. The Penn Foster Career School Hotel/Restaurant Management Program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. You'll learn: * Marketing and Sales * Hospitality Accounting, Cost Controls, and Legal Aspects and Insurance * Menu Planning, Food Preparation, and Restaurant and Banquet Service * Food Service Sanitation, Purchasing and Storage And you’ll learn it all at home — no classroom needed! You’ll get valuable information about food service set-ups, dining service, banquet and buffet catering, sales, advertising, and public relations. Start a rewarding career in a growing field. Why take a Hotel/Restaurant Management training program? With the right credentials, you can: * Work for an established hotel or restaurant. * Work for a chain of hotels or restaurants and have the opportunity to travel. * Enjoy the fringe benefits that come with such an exciting job. Demand for Hotel/Restaurant Managers is on the rise. The more people travel, the greater the need for Hotel/Restaurant Managers. As operations become more complex, employers are putting more emphasis on specialized training. The Penn Foster Career School Hotel/Restaurant Management Program can give you a real advantage over others without your training! Contact Penn Foster Career School Today. We’ll send you FREE information – with absolutely no obligation! Find out more about Penn Foster Career School's Hotel/Restaurant Management training that includes: * All the books, lessons, and learning aids you need * Unlimited instructional support * Access to student services by website, phone, and mail Get more information today and in as little as six months from enrollment, you can be on your way to a career as a Hotel/Restaurant Manager!

Hotel Management Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Hotel Management Schools (campus and online)

New York University
Total Programs 204
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 13th
Ohio State University-Main Campus
Total Programs 202
Number of Subjects 150
Rank in USA 33rd
Northeastern University
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 56th
Purdue University-Main Campus
Total Programs 122
Number of Subjects 104
Rank in USA 81st
University of Delaware
Total Programs 159
Number of Subjects 128
Rank in USA 95th
Drexel University
Total Programs 125
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 108th
Texas Tech University
Total Programs 183
Number of Subjects 154
Rank in USA 150th
Grand Valley State University
Total Programs 103
Number of Subjects 101
Rank in USA 159th
College of Charleston
Total Programs 75
Number of Subjects 74
Rank in USA 162nd
Central Michigan University
Total Programs 186
Number of Subjects 145
Rank in USA 239th
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Total Programs 57
Number of Subjects 71
Rank in USA 267th
Endicott College
Total Programs 44
Number of Subjects 57
Rank in USA 288th
Rutgers University-Camden
Total Programs 57
Number of Subjects 64
Rank in USA 299th
University of Memphis
Total Programs 115
Number of Subjects 113
Rank in USA 404th
Florida Southern College
Total Programs 79
Number of Subjects 80
Rank in USA 413th
University of New Haven
Total Programs 118
Number of Subjects 106
Rank in USA 438th
University of Minnesota-Crookston
Total Programs 48
Number of Subjects 57
Rank in USA 551st
Paul Smiths College of Arts and Science
Total Programs 35
Number of Subjects 41
Rank in USA 571st
Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Total Programs 88
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 586th
Purdue University-Calumet Campus
Total Programs 69
Number of Subjects 74
Rank in USA 594th