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Penn Foster Career School has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in optical sciences to become successful optical scientists, opticians, eye doctors, optics professionals, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 60,840 individuals employed as opticians, dispensing in America, and their average annual salary is $34,790. Therapists make on average $54,400 per year and there are about 13,440 of them employed today .

Optical Sciences Common Job Tasks
  • marketing managers
  • testing assistants
  • maintaining labs
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Learn how to fit and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses with the Optician training program from Penn Foster Career School. As an Optician, you'll help select and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses for people with eye problems following prescriptions written by optometrists and ophthalmologists. The Penn Foster Optician Program will help you develop the skills needed in this profession. Whether you work in an optical dispensary or laboratory, an optometrist's or ophthalmologist's office, a hospital or clinical setting, or a retail optical store, you'll have a career you can be proud of! You'll receive training in: * Math for Opticians * Optical Principles, Terminology, and Anatomy * Ophthalmic Dispensing * Contact Lens Dispensing * Professional Practice And you'll learn it all at home — no classroom needed!

Optical Sciences Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Optical Sciences Schools (campus and online)

University of California-Berkeley
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 6th
Indiana University-Bloomington
Total Programs 162
Number of Subjects 121
Rank in USA 59th
University of Rochester
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 102
Rank in USA 76th
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Total Programs 134
Number of Subjects 122
Rank in USA 241st
Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus
Total Programs 109
Number of Subjects 117
Rank in USA 343rd
Nova Southeastern University
Total Programs 135
Number of Subjects 111
Rank in USA 494th
University of the Incarnate Word
Total Programs 94
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 535th
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus
Total Programs 180
Number of Subjects 145
Rank in USA 712th
American Career College
Total Programs 9
Number of Subjects 12
Rank in USA 808th
University of Arizona
Total Programs 211
Number of Subjects 159
Rank in USA 834th
American Career College
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 12
Rank in USA 843rd
InfoTech Career College
Total Programs 11
Number of Subjects 23
Rank in USA 882nd
University of Dayton
Total Programs 138
Number of Subjects 117
Rank in USA 990th
American Career College
Total Programs 11
Number of Subjects 17
Rank in USA 1019th
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
Total Programs 164
Number of Subjects 145
Rank in USA 1086th
University of North Texas
Total Programs 192
Number of Subjects 152
Rank in USA 1230th
Martinez Adult Education
Total Programs 14
Number of Subjects 34
Rank in USA 1325th
University of New Mexico-Main Campus
Total Programs 136
Number of Subjects 127
Rank in USA 1620th
Emily Griffith Opportunity School
Total Programs 64
Number of Subjects 60
Rank in USA 2063rd
Coast Career Institute
Total Programs 8
Number of Subjects 11
Rank in USA 2228th