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University of Notre Dame, the school below with the highest ranking, has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in organizational leadership to become successful organizational leadership consultants, organizational effectiveness specialists, organizational effectiveness managers, organizational leadership specialists, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 205,020 individuals employed as training and development specialists in America, and their average annual salary is $55,310. Industrialorganizational psychologists make on average $102,570 per year and there are about 1,710 of them employed today .

Organizational Leadership Common Job Tasks
  • examining energy consumption patterns
  • managing the day to day activities in schools
  • developing and maintaining high curriculum standards
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Effective Leadership

Glimpse an insight into a Systems Approach Transformation of a hall staff of individuals into a highly effective Hall Leadership Team. This is a year-long personal journey, creating a teaming environment which maximizes their intellectual capital while creating a culture that values diversity and builds a relationship of trust. The Systems Approach Transformation process also focuses on the interconnection between the multiple aspects of university life, hall life, and the individual; how they influence each other; and how an effective Hall Leadership Team creates a healthy, safe, and trusting environment for student’s residents where they can grow socially, spiritually and emotionally.

Leading Teams and Organizations

If you are looking for an online certification program that will provide you with the skills and understanding that is needed to be successful in the leading of teams and organizations, then the online Leading Teams and Organizations Certificationprogram from the University of Notre Dame - Mendoza College of Business is the ideal program for you. Individuals in this online leadership team development program will learn how to positively engage people, teams and organizations through the implementation of various tactics and strategies.

Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program develops leaders capable of generating new knowledge and responsibly applying knowledge to achieve organizational outcomes. Students will study the major bodies of literature in leadership, will reflect critically on existing theory, and will identify appropriate applications of theory in educational, business, and other organizational environments. Students will develop academic and organizational research expertise through the study of research methodology. The program of study is consistent with Grand Canyon University's mission to develop students who are global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible leaders. The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health program is designed specifically for practicing behavioral health professionals, including licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed social workers, school counselors, psychiatric nurses, and behavioral health agency managers. Students must hold a master’s degree in a behavioral health-related field to participate in this program, which assists students with their development into behavioral health servant leaders who are ethical agents of change with diverse populations in a wide variety of behavioral health organizational settings.

Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development

Grand Canyon University's Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program with an Emphasis in Organizational Development is designed to prepare students to handle the challenges that modern organizations face in this rapidly evolving global environment. Learn more about Grand Canyon University's Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development here. Students enrolled in the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program with an Emphasis in Organizational Development at Grand Canyon University have the opportunity to learn about organizational theory, structure, and behavior. The program is designed to offer students the skills needed to deal with the challenges that contemporary organizations face and to develop new styles of leadership and organizational methods. Students also study how toxic leadership can destroy organizations, the need for organizational accountability and governance, and the rising trend of value-driven organizations that are redefining the relationship between employer and employee by adding meaning to the workplace.

Organizational Leadership Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Organizational Leadership Schools (campus and online)

Columbia University in the City of New York
Total Programs 192
Number of Subjects 141
Rank in USA 4th
Brown University
Total Programs 135
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 9th
Northwestern University
Total Programs 197
Number of Subjects 139
Rank in USA 11th
New York University
Total Programs 204
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 13th
Vanderbilt University
Total Programs 144
Number of Subjects 81
Rank in USA 17th
George Washington University
Total Programs 194
Number of Subjects 171
Rank in USA 52nd
Northeastern University
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 56th
Brandeis University
Total Programs 1
Number of Subjects 46
Rank in USA 62nd
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus
Total Programs 63
Number of Subjects 60
Rank in USA 66th
University of Central Florida
Total Programs 136
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 71st
Clemson University
Total Programs 132
Number of Subjects 106
Rank in USA 86th
Pepperdine University
Total Programs 100
Number of Subjects 85
Rank in USA 107th
University of California-Santa Cruz
Total Programs 80
Number of Subjects 74
Rank in USA 110th
Providence College
Total Programs 86
Number of Subjects 77
Rank in USA 119th
Ohio University-Main Campus
Total Programs 183
Number of Subjects 158
Rank in USA 128th
Appalachian State University
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 130th
Rochester Institute of Technology
Total Programs 1
Number of Subjects 108
Rank in USA 137th
Ithaca College
Total Programs 111
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 140th
Emerson College
Total Programs 33
Number of Subjects 40
Rank in USA 145th
Saint Joseph's University
Total Programs 27
Number of Subjects 27
Rank in USA 175th