Considering an Online PC Repair Certification?

Penn Foster Career School, the school below with the highest ranking, has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in PC repair to become successful pc repair workers, pc technicians, windows technicians, windows specialists, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 111,600 individuals employed as computer, automated teller, and office machine repairers in America, and their average annual salary is $39,420. Computer support specialists make on average $47,360 per year and there are about 540,560 of them employed today .

PC Repair Common Job Tasks
  • removing viruses and malicious content
  • replacing faulty hardware
  • following up on issues and repairs
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Ranked by Excellence

PC Maintenance and Repair

The Penn Foster PC Maintenance and Repair Program allows you to study online, in print, or a combination of both. You decide which method best suits your learning style. There is no going to class, no need to rearrange schedules. You choose the time and place to complete your coursework, and you work at your own pace. There's no one to rush you or hold you back. You work independently, but not alone. Expert instructors and support staff - dedicated to helping you complete your coursework — are just a phone call or an email away.

Computer Service / Network Technician

The Computer Service - Network Technician Diploma Program provides relevant training and opportunities for students planning to enter IT-related careers. Students in this 36-week program learn to diagnose, install, upgrade, convert, support LANs, resolve warranty/service issues and coordinate purchases and training. Specific emphasis is placed on preparing graduates to challenge the A+ exams, Security, Cisco CCNA, and Microsoft Windows 2003 MCSA exams.

Help Desk Analyst

The information technology industry needs skilled help desk analysts to troubleshoot software and hardware issues. CDI's Help Desk Analyst diploma program teaches students the technical skills necessary to service computer systems and the customer service skills to assist computer users. Students receive hands-on training on industry-standard software, and learn fundamental networking skills, hardware installation and configuration, system support and optimization, Windows XP, MS Office applications, and help desk techniques.

PC Service & Repair OFFline

shworth’s online Computer Service and Repair training courses are a great way to get the latest career level skills. This hardware program expertly prepares you for your certification exam by covering hardware areas such as components, motherboard, chips, memory, hard drive, hard discs, floppy drives, files, and more. Since the comprehensive exam covers both hardware and software concepts, we recommend that you take the Software version of this course as well. You’ll learn the very latest service and repair techniques from knowledgeable instructors who stay current in their field.

PC Repair Programs by State & City

Top 20 US PC Repair Schools (campus and online)

University of Alaska Fairbanks
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 128
Rank in USA 441st
University of Alaska Anchorage
Total Programs 151
Number of Subjects 134
Rank in USA 511th
Farmingdale State College
Total Programs 41
Number of Subjects 58
Rank in USA 591st
Nichols Career Center
Total Programs 16
Number of Subjects 13
Rank in USA 675th
Michigan Career and Technical Institute
Total Programs 20
Number of Subjects 26
Rank in USA 699th
American Pacific College
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 9
Rank in USA 718th
Kirksville Area Technical Center
Total Programs 19
Number of Subjects 17
Rank in USA 728th
Grand River Technical School
Total Programs 17
Number of Subjects 15
Rank in USA 750th
Kaw Area Technical School
Total Programs 42
Number of Subjects 45
Rank in USA 781st
Indian Capital Technology Center-Muskogee
Total Programs 28
Number of Subjects 37
Rank in USA 806th
Vanguard Career Center
Total Programs 9
Number of Subjects 11
Rank in USA 877th
Waynesville Career Center
Total Programs 26
Number of Subjects 22
Rank in USA 880th
Pennco Tech
Total Programs 14
Number of Subjects 18
Rank in USA 908th
TechSkills of Sacramento
Total Programs 9
Number of Subjects 13
Rank in USA 910th
Auburn Career Center
Total Programs 22
Number of Subjects 32
Rank in USA 923rd
Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County
Total Programs 37
Number of Subjects 41
Rank in USA 928th
Mountainland Applied Technology College
Total Programs 33
Number of Subjects 42
Rank in USA 934th
Fred W Eberle Technical Center
Total Programs 21
Number of Subjects 15
Rank in USA 940th
Cabell County Career Technology Center
Total Programs 21
Number of Subjects 32
Rank in USA 961st
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Total Programs 16
Number of Subjects 23
Rank in USA 978th