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Ashworth College has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in property management to become successful real estate managers, property managers, commercial property managers, retail property managers, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 150,850 individuals employed as property, real estate, and community association managers in America, and their average annual salary is $58,660. Real estate brokers make on average $78,360 per year and there are about 48,380 of them employed today .

Property Management Common Job Tasks
  • repairing properties
  • writing letters
  • collecting information
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Property Management Offline

Whether you’re a landlord or work for a property management firm, you’ll learn how to improve real estate and put it to its best use. The course will teach you to evaluate and select investment properties, set up favorable leasing terms, maximize tax advantages, minimize expenses, and manage operations.

Property Management Online

This program covers successful approaches to owning and managing private residential investments as well as corporate and commercial properties. By undertaking property management training, students will learn how to evaluate and select investment properties, set up favorable leasing terms and conditions, maximize tax advantages, minimize expenses and turnover, manage day-to-day operations, maintain and improve the real estate and put it to the highest and best use. The course comprises of 9 comprehensive lessons. They are easy to follow, yet challenging and stimulating at the same time. Each real estate management course lesson begins with a subject matter preview and objectives, an introductory note from the instructor and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms.

Property Management Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Property Management Schools (campus and online)

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Total Programs 215
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 23rd
Skidmore College
Total Programs 61
Number of Subjects 61
Rank in USA 102nd
Texas Tech University
Total Programs 183
Number of Subjects 154
Rank in USA 150th
Texas State University-San Marcos
Total Programs 164
Number of Subjects 152
Rank in USA 204th
University of Idaho
Total Programs 150
Number of Subjects 127
Rank in USA 243rd
Maine Maritime Academy
Total Programs 14
Number of Subjects 18
Rank in USA 322nd
Covenant College
Total Programs 47
Number of Subjects 48
Rank in USA 330th
The University of Montana
Total Programs 136
Number of Subjects 125
Rank in USA 331st
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Total Programs 30
Number of Subjects 30
Rank in USA 398th
Paul Smiths College of Arts and Science
Total Programs 35
Number of Subjects 41
Rank in USA 571st
American Jewish University
Total Programs 21
Number of Subjects 17
Rank in USA 653rd
University of Maryland-College Park
Total Programs 182
Number of Subjects 133
Rank in USA 665th
Purdue University-North Central Campus
Total Programs 33
Number of Subjects 49
Rank in USA 676th
Arizona State University
Total Programs 8
Number of Subjects 108
Rank in USA 730th
TCTC Adult Training Center
Total Programs 14
Number of Subjects 30
Rank in USA 737th
Kaw Area Technical School
Total Programs 42
Number of Subjects 45
Rank in USA 781st
Alaska Vocational Technical Center
Total Programs 22
Number of Subjects 35
Rank in USA 871st
Kansas State University
Total Programs 141
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 875th
Vanguard Career Center
Total Programs 9
Number of Subjects 11
Rank in USA 877th
Auburn Career Center
Total Programs 22
Number of Subjects 32
Rank in USA 923rd