Considering an Online Retail Management Certification?

Ashworth College has proven itself as a leader in certifying students in retail management to become successful retail managers, retail specialists, retail sales managers, retail professionals, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 1,163,040 individuals employed as firstline supervisors/managers of retail sales workers in America, and their average annual salary is $39,130. General and operations managers make on average $110,550 per year and there are about 1,689,680 of them employed today .

Retail Management Common Job Tasks
  • analyzing sales figures and forecasting future sales volumes
  • responding to customer complaints and comments
  • updating colleagues on business performance
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Retail Management

This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively apply traditional business concepts to a retail environment. The program gives a broad foundation in essential business techniques related to management, accounting, marketing and more. Students will also explore specific topics, cover the procedures required to operate successfully in a retail environment. They will learn about employee management, quality management and more. As a graduate students will be able to confidently build their retail career.

Retail Management Programs by State & City

Top 20 US Retail Management Schools (campus and online)

University of Pennsylvania
Total Programs 188
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 5th
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Total Programs 215
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 23rd
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Total Programs 279
Number of Subjects 183
Rank in USA 31st
Michigan State University
Total Programs 220
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 45th
University of Kentucky
Total Programs 167
Number of Subjects 139
Rank in USA 152nd
Central Michigan University
Total Programs 186
Number of Subjects 145
Rank in USA 239th
Simmons College
Total Programs 83
Number of Subjects 87
Rank in USA 264th
York College Pennsylvania
Total Programs 89
Number of Subjects 92
Rank in USA 294th
Madonna University
Total Programs 131
Number of Subjects 122
Rank in USA 365th
Ashland University
Total Programs 118
Number of Subjects 106
Rank in USA 373rd
Boise State University
Total Programs 171
Number of Subjects 149
Rank in USA 448th
Lindenwood University
Total Programs 124
Number of Subjects 116
Rank in USA 481st
Lamar University
Total Programs 103
Number of Subjects 108
Rank in USA 602nd
Southern New Hampshire University
Total Programs 66
Number of Subjects 75
Rank in USA 605th
University of Phoenix-Online Campus
Total Programs 76
Number of Subjects 85
Rank in USA 636th
Michigan Career and Technical Institute
Total Programs 20
Number of Subjects 26
Rank in USA 699th
University of South Carolina-Columbia
Total Programs 171
Number of Subjects 156
Rank in USA 786th
Patricia Stevens College
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 21
Rank in USA 1068th
Oregon State University
Total Programs 150
Number of Subjects 122
Rank in USA 1117th
Bradley University
Total Programs 139
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 1125th