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Post University is effective at equipping students via its forensic nursing courses to be successful forensic nurses, forensic accountants, forensics specialists, crime scene forensics specialists, etc. and connect them to future employers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 2,583,770 people employed as registered nurses alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $66,530. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses make on average $40,900 per year and there are about 728,670 of them employed today.

Forensic Nursing Organizations Forensic Nursing Common Job Tasks
  • Working with trauma patients
  • Investigating cases involving drug abuse
  • collecting scientific evidence
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Forensic Nursing Courses at Post University

Program Name: Certificate: Legal Nurse Consulting
Personal Injury Law
Course Number LAW415
Credits 3.0

Students become familiar with Personal Injury Law, which is based on tort law concepts. Among the topics to be discussed are tort law, legal analysis, negligence, intentional torts, strict liability, and product liability.

Medical Malpractice
Course Number Law430
Credits 3.0

Students become familiar with Medical Malpractice Law, which is based on tort law concepts. The topics to be discussed include tort law, risk management, investigation of claims, litigation and the medical malpractice trial.

Elective course
Course Number LAWxxx
Credits 3.0

Course Number LAW398
Credits 3.0

This Elective Course Is A Continuation Of Law298. Students Continue To Learn How To Apply Knowledge Gained From Course Work To The Work Of A Law Office. Students Are Required To Meet 15 Hours Per Semester In Seminar Meetings And To Work In A Law Office Setting, Which Could Include Law Firms, Corporate Law Departments, Or Government Agencies, For At Least 90 Hours. Prerequisites: Law105, Law201, Law203, Law205.

Financial Accounting
Course Number ACC111
Credits 3.0

This course is for the student to learn about accounting as an information development and communications function that supports economic decision-making. The course will help students perform financial analysis; derive information for personal or organizational decisions; and understand business, governmental, and other organizational entities.

Introduction to Computing
Course Number CIS112
Credits 3.0

This course strives to meet the high level of computer literacy required of all students earning a degree from the university. Special emphasis is placed on the ethical use of computer technology for information analysis and communications. Computer units introduce the Internet, Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Students who feel they have attained computer literacy and earn 70 percent on an exemption exam may substitute any other 3-credit course for this core requirement. Students may prove competency by passing a waiver examination. No credit is granted if the requirement is waived.

Introduction to Law
Course Number LAW101
Credits 3.0

Students are introduced to the system of legal thought and practice. The course examines legal methods and terminology while providing an orientation to state and federal laws and court systems. Internet resources and instructional technology are part of all topics, including a survey of subject specific areas in the law.

Civil Litigation & Practice
Course Number LAW203
Credits 3.0

Students are introduced to all aspects of a civil lawsuit, including Jurisdiction, Rules of Procedure, Pleadings, Motions, Discovery, Trial Procedures, and the Appellate Process. Prerequisite: LAW101.

Program description: Legal Nurse consultants find employment with insurance companies, government agencies, private corporations, and hospitals. In fact, legal nurse consultants are in high demand at all of these locations as well as attorneys offices. HMOs and other agencies are constantly seeking medical experts with legal experience. According to, the median national salary of an RN is around $50,000 annually. When an RN becomes a legal nurse consultant this salary becomes considerably higher up to $80,000.

With Post University Online, you can earn your certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting entirely online, with no commuting or interruptions in your current career.

The online Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate program is designed for experienced registered nurses who are interested in combining their clinical experience with specialized legal knowledge enabling them to serve as liaisons between the legal and health care fields. The online legal nurse program will provide the legal knowledge required to evaluate, analyze, and offer informed opinions on the delivery of health care and resulting outcomes. The legal nurse certificate program of study combines business and legal theory and analysis with a practical field experience that meets the following objectives:

* Understand the civil litigation process
* Research legal problems using primary and secondary sources
* Analyze medical records and related materials for use in legal matters
* Prepare and write informed opinions using medical and legal knowledge
* Understand the health care industry, the insurance industry, and related government regulations
* Understand the role and ethical responsibilities of the field of legal nurse consulting

Accelerate your career with an online Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate from Post University Online
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Forensic Nursing Courses by State & City

Top 20 US Forensic Nursing Schools (campus and online)

Yale University
Total Programs 132
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 2nd
University of Pennsylvania
Total Programs 188
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 5th
University of Southern California
Total Programs 251
Number of Subjects 166
Rank in USA 10th
Duke University
Total Programs 77
Number of Subjects 76
Rank in USA 15th
Vanderbilt University
Total Programs 144
Number of Subjects 81
Rank in USA 17th
Johns Hopkins University
Total Programs 178
Number of Subjects 136
Rank in USA 19th
Boston College
Total Programs 112
Number of Subjects 94
Rank in USA 29th
Emory University
Total Programs 112
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 30th
University of California-Davis
Total Programs 160
Number of Subjects 114
Rank in USA 41st
Michigan State University
Total Programs 220
Number of Subjects 164
Rank in USA 45th
Northeastern University
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 56th
University of Connecticut
Total Programs 191
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 63rd
University of Miami
Total Programs 177
Number of Subjects 151
Rank in USA 69th
James Madison University
Total Programs 80
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 72nd
The College of New Jersey
Total Programs 77
Number of Subjects 80
Rank in USA 75th
University of Rochester
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 102
Rank in USA 76th
Biola University
Total Programs 65
Number of Subjects 65
Rank in USA 78th
Case Western Reserve University
Total Programs 134
Number of Subjects 101
Rank in USA 87th
University of Vermont
Total Programs 141
Number of Subjects 127
Rank in USA 113th
College of Saint Benedict
Total Programs 58
Number of Subjects 61
Rank in USA 135th