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DeVry University is effective at equipping students via its multimedia design courses to be successful multimedia designers, interactive media designers, media designers, digital media designers, etc. and connect them to future employers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 28,800 people employed as multimedia artists and animators alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $62,810. Graphic designers make on average $47,820 per year and there are about 200,870 of them employed today.

Multimedia Design Organizations Multimedia Design Common Job Tasks
  • producing presentations
  • creating special effects
  • developing layouts
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Multimedia Design Courses at DeVry University

Program Name: Bachelor's in Multimedia Design & Development
Multimedia Standards
Course Number MDD-310
Credits 4.0

This course focuses on generally accepted usability and accessibility standards that are global, industry wide, or legal for web and other media. In addition, students apply these standards to develop practices, policies and standards for effective management of multimedia projects and assets. Prerequisite: WGD-235 / 4-4

Business of Graphics
Course Number MDD-340
Credits 4.0

This course focuses on issues critical to leading successful multimedia projects and businesses. Topics include scoping work for clients, legal considerations and financial aspects. In addition, the course introduces management principles applied to creative production. Students develop a pro forma media project plan that uses multiple resources. Prerequisite: WGD-235 / 4-4

Emerging Multimedia Technologies
Course Number MDD-410
Credits 4.0

This course explores emerging and advanced topics in multimedia. Students explore advances in technology and their implications for design and development of multimedia. Prerequisite: WGD-235 / 4-4

Interactive Web Page Scripting with Lab
Course Number WBG-310
Credits 4.0

Students in this course learn to program dynamic, interactive web pages and web-based games. Topics include basic programming fundamentals and object handling techniques. Fundamentals of game design are also introduced. Students use a scripting language to build basic interactive web page components and examples of web-based games. Prerequisite: MDD-310 / 5-4

Programming Multimedia for the Web with Lab
Course Number WBG-340
Credits 4.0

Students In This Course Use Multimedia Authoring Tools And Techniques To Create Web-based Games And Dynamic Web Pages. Integrating And Controlling Multimedia Assets Such As Movie Clips, Sound Effects, Images And Animations Are Addressed. Prerequisite: Cis-363a Or The Equivalent, Or Mdd-310 / 5-4

Game Development with Lab
Course Number WBG-370
Credits 4.0

This Course Introduces Basics Of Game Design And Development. Using An Object-oriented Game Engine With Libraries, Students Apply Game Design Principles To Develop Example Games. Technical Considerations And Industry Best Practices Are Also Covered. Prerequisite: Cis-363a Or The Equivalent, Or Wbg-340 / 5-4

Dynamic Website Development and Database Integration with Lab
Course Number WBG-410
Credits 4.0

This Course Introduces Advanced Techniques To Design And Develop Dynamic Websites Through Use Of Cascading Style Sheets (css), Integration Of Databases, Server-side Scripting And Large Site Management. Prerequisite: Wbg-340 / 5-4

Multiplayer Online Game Development with Lab
Course Number WBG-450
Credits 4.0

This Course Surveys Design, Development And Play Characteristics Of Multiplayer Online Games. Students Install, Configure And Maintain Game Server Software; Deploy A Simple Multimedia Game Using The Server; And Manage And Audit The Server. Actionscript Is Used To Configure Server Functionality. Prerequisites: Wbg-340 And Wbg-370 / 5-4

Web Video Fundamentals with Lab
Course Number GMD-311
Credits 4.0

Students in this course learn to enhance web presentations through video and audio integration. Technical aspects such as linking files, streaming media and embedded video are covered. Prerequisite: MDD-310 / 5-4

Advanced Imaging with Lab
Course Number GMD-341
Credits 4.0

This Course Explores Advanced Techniques For Achieving Sophisticated Visual Designs And Imagery. Students Learn To Actualize Designs And Maximize Creative Capabilities Through Use Of Software Such As Adobe Creative Suite. Students Also Learn Techniques To Streamline Workflow In Large Projects. Prerequisites: Mdd-310 And Wgd-210 / 5-4

Advanced Illustration with Lab
Course Number GMD-371
Credits 4.0

Students in this project-based course learn advanced drawing and line art techniques, including advanced vector-based illustration. Blending tools, gradients, transparency and various effects are explored. Web illustrations and animations are developed using vector art and common multimedia tools in an integrated development environment. Prerequisite: MDD-310 / 5-4

Visual Design Fundamentals
Course Number WGD-201
Credits 3.0

In this course students examine the foundation of visual design. Topics include the design process; elements of design, such as line, color, form, function and space; and combining elements for enhanced visual design. Students explore these topics through various projects and by applying concepts using appropriate software. Prerequisite: COMP-100 / 3-3

Advanced Design and Rapid Visualization
Course Number WGD-205
Credits 4.0

Students in this course develop skills in creating graphic media. Students explore design and use of type, the process of using rapid visualization for design concept and idea formulation, as well as create media that enhance user understanding. Prerequisite: WGD-201 / 4-4

Digital Imaging Fundamentals
Course Number WGD-210
Credits 4.0

Students in this course learn concepts of digital imaging, including editing, optimizing and preparing images for webbased delivery. Topics such as color, special effects and compression formats are examined. Prerequisite: WGD-201 / 4-4

Information Design
Course Number WGD-229
Credits 4.0

This course addresses principles of analyzing, explaining and communicating instructions, ideas and information used in integrated text and graphics. Using a collaborative approach, students use real-world examples to explore user-centered design. Prerequisite: WGD-205 / 4-4

Web Design
Course Number WGD-232
Credits 4.0

This Course Introduces Fundamentals Of Web Design Principles And Web Content Management. Topics Include The User Interface, Web Page Conceptualization, Page Structure, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xhtml), Cascading Style Sheets (css), Wysiwyg Editors, Scripting And Web Accessibility Standards. Prerequisite: Wgd-229 / 4-4

Web Animation
Course Number WGD-235;
Credits 4.0

This course focuses on design and production of animation within the constraints of web applications. Topics include filesize optimization, timing, formatting requirements and scripting. Automated animation techniques as well as user-mediated animation are addressed. Prerequisite: WGD-229 / 4-4

Advanced Web Design
Course Number WGD-242
Credits 4.0

In This Course, Students Work In Teams To Develop A Web Design For A Fictitious Company. Students Research The Company’s Industry, Evaluate Competitors’ Web Designs And Explore Emerging Web Development Tools That Enhance Production Capabilities. Prerequisites: Wgd-232 And Wgd-235 / 4-4

Instructional Design for Multimedia
Course Number WGD-250
Credits 3.0

Students in this course examine theory and practice of designing instructional materials, as well as systems used for interactive training and education. Practical development of online learning materials is emphasized. Prerequisite: WGD-242 / 3-3

Course Number WGD-260
Credits 3.0

Media Portfolio This capstone course culminates in a professional portfolio that showcases students’ web graphic products, including component examples and web designs. Prerequisite: WGD-250

Introduction to Database with Lab
Course Number CIS-336
Credits 4.0

This Course Introduces Concepts And Methods Fundamental To Database Development And Use Including Data Analysis And Modeling, As Well As Structured Query Language (sql). Students Also Explore Basic Functions And Features Of A Database Management System (dbms), With Emphasis On The Relational Model.prerequisite: Cis-321 Or Wbg-310 / 5-4

Course Number BUSN-319
Credits 3.0

In This Course Students Apply Principles And Strategies For Marketing Products And Services To Industrial, Commercial And Governmental Entities. Topics Include Ways In Which Market Information And Product Life Cycle Affect Product And Production Design; Forecasting Techniques; Interdependencies Between Marketing And Operations Functions; And Selling Skills. Prerequisites: Busn-115 And Math-114

Internet Marketing
Course Number ECOM-340
Credits 4.0

This course provides a review of traditional marketing strategies and demonstrates their use in building a viable online business. Emphasis is placed on coordinating Internet marketing activities with existing traditional marketing. Steps to develop a company’s Internet presence are also discussed. Prerequisite: BUSN-319 / 4-4

Project Management
Course Number MGMT-404
Credits 4.0

This Course Enhances Students’ Ability To Function In A Project Leadership Role. While Exploring The Project Life Cycle, They Gain Experience In Budget And Timeline Management. Project Management Software Is Used To Design Project Schedules Using Methods Such As Bar Charts, Program Evaluation Review Technique (pert) And Critical Path Method (cpm) To Produce Project Plans To Apply To The Solution Of Case Studies. Prerequisites: Math-221 Or Math-233, And Upper-term Status

Advertising and Public Relations
Course Number MKTG-410
Credits 4.0

This course introduces the field of advertising and public relations. Topics include media relations; media buying; determining appropriate media; promotions; public relations and publicity development tools; methods for improving customer satisfaction; relationship-building strategies; and ethics in advertising and public relations. Prerequisite: BUSN-319 / 4-4

Program description: Through 20161, employment of graphic designers is expected to grow. And individuals with a bachelor's degree and knowledge of multimedia design software, web site design, and graphics animation experience will have the best opportunities. With a bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design and Development (MDD) from DeVry University, you'll learn how to design, illustrate, manage, and produce visual communications by mastering key software applications, fundamental design principles, web content management, and graphics animation.

In this multimedia design and development bachelor's degree program, you can specialize in one of four areas of study (see "Specializations" below) and complete coursework required for the entire Web Graphic Design associate degree program. You'll gain the skills needed to create Internet content, web pages, marketing collateral, advertising, instructional material, and multimedia projects. Upon graduation, you'll have created a wide array of digital media to build a full professional portfolio.

Multimedia Design Courses by State & City

Top 20 US Multimedia Design Schools (campus and online)

Northwestern University
Total Programs 197
Number of Subjects 139
Rank in USA 11th
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Total Programs 67
Number of Subjects 67
Rank in USA 12th
New York University
Total Programs 204
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 13th
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Total Programs 243
Number of Subjects 168
Rank in USA 26th
Texas A & M University
Total Programs 167
Number of Subjects 135
Rank in USA 36th
Carnegie Mellon University
Total Programs 167
Number of Subjects 115
Rank in USA 44th
George Washington University
Total Programs 194
Number of Subjects 171
Rank in USA 52nd
Northeastern University
Total Programs 10
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 56th
Tulane University of Louisiana
Total Programs 131
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 60th
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus
Total Programs 63
Number of Subjects 60
Rank in USA 66th
University of Miami
Total Programs 177
Number of Subjects 151
Rank in USA 69th
University of Central Florida
Total Programs 136
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 71st
The College of New Jersey
Total Programs 77
Number of Subjects 80
Rank in USA 75th
Rhode Island School of Design
Total Programs 23
Number of Subjects 25
Rank in USA 85th
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Total Programs 70
Number of Subjects 61
Rank in USA 88th
American University
Total Programs 118
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 97th
Drexel University
Total Programs 125
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 108th
University of California-Santa Cruz
Total Programs 80
Number of Subjects 74
Rank in USA 110th
Marist College
Total Programs 81
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 120th
Ohio University-Main Campus
Total Programs 183
Number of Subjects 158
Rank in USA 128th