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Penn Foster Career School is effective at equipping students via its photography courses to be successful photogrammetric compilation specialists, photographers, etc. and connect them to future employers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 57,760 people employed as photographers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $36,370.

Photography Organizations Photography Common Job Tasks
  • finding subjects like nature or animals if no models
  • cropping film or digital copies
  • framing photographs
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Photography Courses at Penn Foster Career School

Program Name: Photography
Instruction Set 1

Learning Strategies Successful studying methods; creating effective and efficient study tools; using study tools to improve your chances for success. Photography Parts of a camera; focal length and angle view.

Instruction Set 2

The Nature of Light How light affects photography; adjusting exposure according to light source intensity; applying the basic principles of lighting to photography. Lighting for Photography Achieving outstanding results in daylight lighting conditions or with "available" light; determining proper exposure when using a flash; setting up for studio lighting.

Instruction Set 3

Choosing Your Subject Determining the purpose of a photograph; identifying the visual component of a picture; organizing a photographic image. Image Design Developing a personal style; applying the principles of linear design; framing the subject; creating visually balanced photos. Graded Project 1

Instruction Set 4

The Joy of Digital Photography Definition of digital photography; technical terms unique to digital imaging; options for manipulating and outputting a digital photograph. Textbook – The Joy of Digital Photography

Instruction Set 5

Presentation Skills Common methods and materials used to preserve artwork; techniques for public presentation of artwork; identifying the various components of a portfolio. Business Skills for the Photographer Equipment needed to launch a professional photography business; basic darkroom requirements; key areas of professional opportunity. Graded Project 2

Program description: The Penn Foster Career School Photography Certificate Program helps you learn the fundamentals quickly and conveniently.

Your studies include:

Camera basics, lighting for photography
Photographic image design
Digital and video photography techniques
Printing color and black and white photographs and slides
…and much more.

Photography Courses by State & City

Top 20 US Photography Schools (campus and online)

New York University
Total Programs 204
Number of Subjects 146
Rank in USA 13th
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Total Programs 243
Number of Subjects 168
Rank in USA 26th
George Washington University
Total Programs 194
Number of Subjects 171
Rank in USA 52nd
University of Miami
Total Programs 177
Number of Subjects 151
Rank in USA 69th
University of Central Florida
Total Programs 136
Number of Subjects 140
Rank in USA 71st
Rhode Island School of Design
Total Programs 23
Number of Subjects 25
Rank in USA 85th
Syracuse University
Total Programs 152
Number of Subjects 133
Rank in USA 89th
Temple University
Total Programs 210
Number of Subjects 158
Rank in USA 105th
Drexel University
Total Programs 125
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 108th
Providence College
Total Programs 86
Number of Subjects 77
Rank in USA 119th
Ohio University-Main Campus
Total Programs 183
Number of Subjects 158
Rank in USA 128th
Appalachian State University
Total Programs 145
Number of Subjects 126
Rank in USA 130th
Rochester Institute of Technology
Total Programs 1
Number of Subjects 108
Rank in USA 137th
Texas Christian University
Total Programs 124
Number of Subjects 117
Rank in USA 142nd
Western Washington University
Total Programs 153
Number of Subjects 121
Rank in USA 143rd
Grand Valley State University
Total Programs 103
Number of Subjects 101
Rank in USA 159th
University of Illinois at Chicago
Total Programs 143
Number of Subjects 121
Rank in USA 161st
Seattle University
Total Programs 106
Number of Subjects 118
Rank in USA 169th
Webster University
Total Programs 100
Number of Subjects 98
Rank in USA 177th
Maryland Institute College of Art
Total Programs 20
Number of Subjects 19
Rank in USA 220th