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Tons of statistics are compiled by sociologists, researchers, scientists and other analysts but often they are very hard to understand without some timeframe to consider them within. The goal of this is to talk about some very interesting things that happen within the space of 60 seconds. Here are the following:

The average American household will make $.096 compare that to Oprah Winfrey who makes $532 dollars. Of course it doesn’t look so bad when compared to the average person in the world that makes $.013. It’s not just that different jobs are available in different places. The average IT worker in India will make $.025 compared to the average IT worker in America who will make $.13. Large corporations such as Nike will earn $36,505. An interesting number when compared to the average Nike worker in Vietnam who will make $.0014.

250 babies will be born 113 of which will be born in poverty and 15 of which will suffer from birth defects. Sadly 18 people will die from starvation even though 120,673 pounds of edible food will be thrown away in the US alone. In the US we will create 950,186 pounds of trash to fill landfills and use 55.747 barrels of oil worldwide. You can expect 3 violent crimes to be perpetrated in the US and 2 auto thefts in the US as well - all in the space of 60 seconds.

Getting struck by lighting is supposed to be uncommon but lighting striking the earth is a commonplace. Lighting strikes 360 times on the earth every minute. Even though they are small, there are about 5 earthquakes every minute. Nature also has here way with disease with the AIDS/HIV epidemic as 9 people will be infected. And it will end with 107 deaths somewhere in the world every minute.

Hopefully seeing all of these amazing numbers in the space of minute has made them more accessible. The goal of this info graphic is to show the sheer magnitude of a variety of things that are happening in the world at any given time. You can learn more about the world and its environment by studying sociology and international studies. Most of the information sourced for this article was found by people who study and compile these statistics for organizations such as businesses like Forbes and Governmental institutions like the CDC.

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