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The internet is a huge place but just how much information is passed each day? The following statistics should give you some idea of just how much information is being generated in a given day on the internet. Even if you thought the internet was big, likely these numbers will surprise you.

Starting with email, in one day, there are more emails sent out that than a whole years worth of letter mail in the US. To do that, over 210 billion emails are sent out each day over the web. Of course emails aren’t the only content that is being transmitted. There are some 3 million images uploaded each day to flikr alone. That is enough to fill a hypothetical 375,000 page photo album.

Mobile phones increasingly are becoming a hub of internet access, but most people believe that it is on a small level will little apps. But it turns out that much more content is passed by mobile phones that one would think; 43,449,547 gigabytes worth is sent each day. That would be 1.7 million Blu-Ray Discs or 9.2 million DVDs. If you think back just 10 years ago when we used floppy discs, which would be the equivalent of 63.9 trillion 3.5 inch floppy discs on mobile phones alone. The daily value of those mobile services is around $145 Million with an amazing $13 million generated from mobile video games alone.

Social media is another area worth looking into as it is one of the main ways that new content is being generated every day. Some 700,000 new Facebook members are added each day. Compared to the total US population that may not sound large but it is in fact about the same size as the entire population of Guyana. In terms of content generated, Facebook users create 45 million status updates each day and Twitter has about 5 million tweets. Even though blogs are on the decline since the advent of social media some 900,000 new blog articles are written every day. This is no small number in fact if those articles were taken alone it would be enough content to fill the pages of the New York Times for 19 years.

The internet is also growing at an astounding rate as new users all over the world are signing on. As developing nations continue to increase in internet usership we can expect to see daily internet usage far exceed the statistics provided in this article.

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