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Have you ever wondered if combination locks are actually secure? Have you ever wondered how it is that on the movies people listen to the lock spin and somehow come up with the combination? Well this is actually more fact than fiction. In this article we will show you how the professionals crack locks.

In theory a combination lock has 64,000 combinations. This would mean that a person would need to try a different combination 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a whole week before finding the combination. But because of the mechanical weakness of the combination locks you can narrow down the number of possible combinations to as few as 100 possibilities.

Start by applying upward pressure to the hinge and rotate the dial counterclockwise hard until the hinge locks. Then you can copy down the number in 12 boxes (there will be 12 different positions on the lock that will cause it lock). After you have written down the 12 numbers you will find that 7 of them will actually be halfway between two whole numbers such as 22.5 or 12.5. You can ignore these, which will narrow it down to 5 numbers left over. Of those 5 numbers you will find that 4 will end in the same digit, eliminate these 4 and keep the odd man out. This number will be the last number in the combination!

You will then move on to the next and hardest step. Refer to the infographic above for the number series that you will need to use to find the final numbers. As shown above there are 4 sets of combination series, find your final number in that last row to pick the series that you will need to follow to find your combination. Look at the example; if your last number was a “4” then you would need to choose the 1st series. Then the method is as follows: Try the first number in the first row, then the first number in the second row and then your final number which you know (4). That may not work, so you will progress trying again the first number in the first row then moving to the second number in the second row or “6” in this case and then your known last number. Follow this process for 5 minutes or less and you your combination will be discovered.

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