Becoming an Entertainer via Online Education?

At the very least, online education can help you lay a foundation and/or open up alternate career paths. Full Sail University is a US school (accredited) offering entertainment business courses to train individuals to become top-notch entertainment business workers, entertainers, entertainment business consultants, entertainment business specialists, entertainment business professionals, etc. Colleges and universities like Full Sail University that provide online education are successfully launching workers into this field.

Typical Work Locations for an Entertainer
  • party
  • theater
  • production house
  • studio
  • ad agency
  • television channel
  • radio station
  • club
  • disc
  • hotel
Potential Advantages and Benefits of Working as an Entertainer
  • travel benefits
  • free accommodation benefits
  • free food and beverages
  • free room
  • high rate salary
  • free time
  • career growth
  • employee parties
  • availability of hundreds of jobs
  • contract benefits
Potential Drawbacks
  • negative effects of the internet
  • the press
  • highly addictive job
  • lots of traveling
  • late nights
  • long hours
  • less time for family
  • pay fluctuates
  • stalkers
  • sleep deprivation
Related Professions to Consider
  • Singer
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Comedian
  • Stuntman
  • Composer
  • Dancer
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Screenwriter
Possible Interview Questions When Applying to be an Entertainer
  • What is your name and the name of your group or act?
  • Give me some details about the group?
  • How long have you been performing live or making art?
  • What has been the biggest challenge for you or the group?
  • What does your family think of your performance and do they support you?
  • Thinking back did your family carry on the same musical artistic interests?
  • Do you have your own favorite type of music and is it any different from what you play now?
  • What has been your strongest influence to continue performing?
  • Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans that you are aware of?
  • Tell us about your most embarrassing moment if you care to share it with us?
Common Collaborating Professions
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Talent Scout
  • Manager
  • Actor
  • Actresses
  • Film Maker
  • Performer
Entertainer Training books Entertainer (More) Popular books Potential Companies to Work For Common College Majors
  • Musical Arts
  • Dance
  • Jazz Degree
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Music Composition and Theory
  • Music History and Literature
  • Musicology and Ethnomusicology
  • Photography
  • Applied Arts Degree
  • Musical Conducting

Entertainer Salary Information

Category: Singers

Total # Employed in the US 47,260
Average Hourly Wage: $29.1/hr
Hourly Wage Range
$8.04 $12.64 $22.36 $37.09 $58.9
Average Yearly Salary $0
Yearly Salary Range
$0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Employment Demographics
< High School Diploma High School Diploma Some College Associate Degree Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree
4.8% 15.4% 21.2% 5.0% 30.7% 19.3% 3.7%

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