Becoming an Insurance Broker via Online Education?

At the very least, online education can help you lay a foundation and/or open up alternate career paths. Herzing University, one of the highest ranking online schools, is a US school (accredited) offering insurance courses to train individuals to become top-notch insurance agents, insurance brokers, insurance consultants, insurance managers, insurance professionals, etc. Currently, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 325,710 people employed as insurance sales agents alone in America, and their average annual salary is $61,330. Colleges and universities like Herzing University that provide online education are successfully launching workers into this field.

Typical Work Locations for an Insurance Broker
  • insurance company
  • private broking company
  • home (freelancer)
  • investment company
  • financial service company
  • banks
  • broker association
  • self business office
  • company offices
  • anywhere you have internet and phone access
Potential Advantages and Benefits of Working as an Insurance Broker
  • competitive salary and benefit package
  • bonus plan
  • friendly work environment
  • benefits program
  • free educational products
  • convenience of locations
  • excellent commission
  • opportunities to work from home
  • opportunities to work outside the office
  • get to work with people
Potential Drawbacks
  • have to search for clients
  • you may have to travel often
  • you have to be patient
  • constantly need to show your skill and knowledge of the industry
  • have a clear knowledge about your company's policies
  • have interest in your job so that you don't burn out
  • have to work in a very competitive field
  • work long hours
  • maintain relationships with clients which may be inconvenient
  • have to have humility in rejection
Related Professions to Consider
  • Group Broker Audit Manager
  • Broker Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Insurance Administrator
  • Property Claims Broker
  • Knowledge Broker
  • Motor Fleet Underwriter
  • Skills Broker
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Forex Broker
Possible Interview Questions When Applying to be an Insurance Broker
  • What skills do you feel you could bring to our organization?
  • Have you worked as a broker before?
  • Why did you leave your last company?
  • What makes you to be a best candidate for this job?
  • Why do you want to join our organization?
  • What did you learn in college that will help you in this profession?
  • Have you ever stolen?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • What are your selling strengths?
  • What are your selling weaknesses?
Common Collaborating Professions
  • Index Sales Professional
  • Commercial Insurance Account Handler
  • Insurance Account Handler
  • Insurance Sales Advisor
  • Decision Support Manager Commercial and Broker
  • P&C Insurance Producers
  • Insurance Sales Representative
  • Wine Brokers
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Wholesale Broker
Insurance Broker Training books Insurance Broker (More) Popular books Potential Companies to Work For Common College Majors
  • Business Administration
  • Business law
  • Foundations of business operation
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Business ethics
  • Management and leadership concepts
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business Communications
  • Finance
  • Financial Management

Insurance Broker Salary Information

Category: Insurance sales agents

Total # Employed in the US 325,710
Average Hourly Wage: $29.48/hr
Hourly Wage Range
$12.4 $15.78 $21.87 $33.43 $55.24
Average Yearly Salary $61,330
Yearly Salary Range
$25,800 $32,810 $45,500 $69,540 $114,910
Employment Demographics
< High School Diploma High School Diploma Some College Associate Degree Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree
1.2% 17.8% 26.7% 9.1% 37.7% 6.1% 1.4%
Insurance sales agents — WAGES BY STATE, SORTED BY SALARY
STATEAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Virginia $38.6/hr $80,280
Missouri $37.85/hr $78,740
Colorado $36.79/hr $76,520
North Dakota $34.71/hr $72,210
Oklahoma $34.44/hr $71,630
Delaware $34.38/hr $71,510
Pennsylvania $33.94/hr $70,590
Utah $32.51/hr $67,620
Connecticut $31.82/hr $66,190
Kansas $31.02/hr $64,520
Kentucky $30.02/hr $62,440
Idaho $29.48/hr $61,320
Montana $29.41/hr $61,170
Florida $29.17/hr $60,680
Hawaii $28.63/hr $59,540
Nebraska $28.61/hr $59,520
Maryland $28.43/hr $59,130
Wyoming $28.4/hr $59,060
Oregon $28.28/hr $58,820
Mississippi $28.25/hr $58,760
District of Columbia $27.74/hr $57,690
Puerto Rico $27.64/hr $57,480
Tennessee $27.63/hr $57,460
South Carolina $27.5/hr $57,200
Louisiana $27.49/hr $57,180
North Carolina $26.93/hr $56,020
Guam $26.9/hr $55,960
Michigan $26.81/hr $55,760
Maine $26.17/hr $54,420
Alabama $26.16/hr $54,410
New Hampshire $25.89/hr $53,850
Wisconsin $25.88/hr $53,820
New Mexico $25.07/hr $52,140
New York $24.33/hr $50,610
Alaska $24.29/hr $50,530
Arkansas $24.28/hr $50,500
Nevada $24.24/hr $50,410
California $24.01/hr $49,930
South Dakota $23.76/hr $49,410
New Jersey $23.4/hr $48,660
Ohio $23.4/hr $48,680
Iowa $22.73/hr $47,280
Washington $22.11/hr $45,980
Massachusetts $21.63/hr $45,000
Indiana $21.19/hr $44,070
West Virginia $21.16/hr $44,010

Insurance Programs by State & City