Becoming a Model via Online Education?

At the very least, online education can help you lay a foundation and/or open up alternate career paths. Penn Foster Career School is a US school (accredited) offering fashion courses to train individuals to become top-notch fashion professionals, fashion merchandisers, marketers, fashion models, models, fashion marketers, fashion retailers, retailers, etc. Currently, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 1,510 people employed as models alone in America, and their average annual salary is $36,420. Colleges and universities like Penn Foster Career School that provide online education are successfully launching workers into this field.

Typical Work Locations for a Model
  • apparel magazine
  • broadcasting company
  • marketing firm
  • photography company
  • apparel company
  • jewelry catalog producer
  • movie production firm
  • modeling agency
  • sports magazine
  • car magazine
Potential Advantages and Benefits of Working as a Model
  • high remunaration
  • more publicity
  • more respect
  • always charming
  • less work
  • can travel alot
  • chance to become an artist
  • more holydays
  • flexible work hours
  • work with interesting people
Potential Drawbacks
  • you have to constantly travel
  • you have to deal with rejection on a constant basis
  • you have to deal with people scrutinizing your appearance
  • you have to keep your body weight very low
  • you have to compete with many other models for few jobs
  • you may have to have plastic surgery to alter your looks
  • you have to work at odd times and hours
  • you have to purchase expensive photos to show potential employers
  • you have to purchase expensive clothing to make a good impression on potential employers
  • you have to know that you will be considered too old for modeling at a young age
Related Professions to Consider
  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Beautician
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Dancer
  • Photographer
  • Fashion Model
  • Life Model
  • Runway Model
  • Hand Model
Possible Interview Questions When Applying to be a Model
  • How would you describe the perfect shopping and customer experence?
  • Why you want leave your current job?
  • Discuss your strength and weakness?
  • What is a results-oriented person?
  • Greeting objective for call center agents?
  • Why punctuality and time management important before interview?
  • Why you would like to work in our company?
  • How could you make your organisation effective?
  • How did you get your job interview?
  • What are your current duties?
Common Collaborating Professions
  • Photographer
  • Talent Agent
  • Fashion Designer
  • Magazine Publisher
  • Makeup Artist
  • Fashion Critic
  • Physical Trainer
  • Dietician
  • Photo Editor
  • Wardrobe Supervisor
Model Training books Model (More) Popular books Potential Companies to Work For Common College Majors
  • natural science
  • humanities
  • engineering
  • social science
  • economics
  • science
  • health
  • business
  • government
  • education

Model Salary Information

Category: Models

Total # Employed in the US 1,510
Average Hourly Wage: $17.51/hr
Hourly Wage Range
$8.07 $9.55 $13.14 $17.75 $26.62
Average Yearly Salary $36,420
Yearly Salary Range
$16,780 $19,870 $27,330 $36,930 $55,360
Employment Demographics
< High School Diploma High School Diploma Some College Associate Degree Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree
14.2% 36.6% 23.5% 6.9% 14.0% 4.2% 0.5%
STATEAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Colorado $20.28/hr $42,180
Connecticut $19.06/hr $39,640
South Carolina $18.32/hr $38,110
Montana $13.56/hr $28,210
Wyoming $12.81/hr $26,640
Tennessee $11.55/hr $24,030
Hawaii $11.02/hr $22,910

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