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As part of our mission to support students who aspire to earn a four-year degree, Ivy Bridge has established transfer agreements with a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the United States and beyond. These partnerships maximize the transferability of your course credits and make it easy to gain acceptance to a first-rate, four-year institution. Your Ivy Bridge Success Coach will help you select the right Bachelor’s degree program and advise you to take the courses that are most likely to transfer. So rest assured that every credit you earn at Ivy Bridge is helping you achieve your ultimate ...show more »

Information based on 2010 data from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.

General Information
Admissions Office Phone 866-498-6952
Admissions Office Email admissions@ivybridge.tiffin.edu
Admissions Office Address 6056 Deer Park Court, Toledo, Ohio 43614
Admissions Transfer URL http://ivybridge.tiffin.edu/transfer-programs/degree-completion-programs-transfer
Admissions Website http://ivybridge.tiffin.edu/admissions
Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University Programs & Course Catalog
Associate of Arts in General Studies This academic concentration is designed to satisfy the general education and elective requirements of most four-year institutions.

And because an AA in General Studies from Ivy Bridge is awarded by Tiffin ...show more »

Associate of Business Administration in Accounting This concentration stresses the practical application you’d expect from a traditional accounting curriculum, with an emphasis on tax research, problem solving, and management.

Graduating with an ABA in Accounting from Ivy ...show more »

Associate of Business Administration in Business An ABA degree from Ivy Bridge College provides the credentials you need to transfer to a 4-year college or university—while focusing on core competencies relevant to real-world management and business ...show more »

Associate of Business Administration in Computer and Information Technology This concentration combines courses emphasizing the latest innovations in technology with courses addressing business theory and practice to create a curriculum as unique as the challenges facing today’s IT professionals.

As ...show more »

Associate of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration Healthcare Administration is not just in the news; it's one of the most in-demand careers in the world. The ABA in Healthcare Administration from Ivy Bridge will prepare you to ...show more »

Associate of Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement Using rigorous class preparations and unique learning experiences, this concentration offers 21 courses with special emphasis on law enforcement, supervision, criminal investigation, and corrections.
Ivy Bridge graduates with an ACJ in ...show more »

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Xavier Harvey on April 12, 2011 said:

I need to know exactly where to go to fill out my application so I can get started attaining my degree. Once I typed in the site information, I cannot locate the "Application for Admissions". I would appreciate if I could have the information sent to my email, my phone does not have minutes right now. I have went through the internet looking up you all college, and everything I found out about your college just made me more excited to get started with your college. Again, I can't wait to get started and be in touch with everything and everyone associated with Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University. My email is: x.harvey@rocketmail.com. Please send me information on where to go to fill out my application online. I will wait for a while to check my email, and while I am waiting I will continue to look you all up on the internet. Can't wait to get started, the sooner the better.

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