Now is a Great Time to Enroll in an Online Gunsmithing School

By visiting the unique online school page for one of the two gunsmithing schools displayed below, you'll be able to obtain comprehensive info to help you make an informed decision about where to enroll. Penn Foster Career School, the highest ranking school below, will train students to become gunsmithers, gunsmiths, research and development machinists, machinists, etc. and give them an outstanding chance at finding employment, directly comparable to an on-campus school. At present, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 1,268,930 people employed as maintenance and repair workers, general alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $36,520. Machinists make on average $38,940 per year and there are about 380,720 of them employed today.

Gunsmithing Common Job Tasks
  • ensuring sufficient strength of parts under overload conditions to check for fire proof-loads through weapons
  • checking for excessive bore erosion
  • improving accuracy in glass bed actions to stocks
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Penn Foster Career School

The mission of Penn Foster Career School is to empower adult learners to advance or change their careers, learn a new skill or gain personal satisfaction. The school strives to fulfill this mission by providing breadth and depth of courseware, applicable technology and a wide array of flexible services aimed at the needs of the adult learner. Programs not only teach current marketplace skills, but also present liberal arts offerings and develop critical thinking, writing and mathematical abilities. The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with appropriate prior education to enroll in programs without regard to race, religion, gender, age, color, national origin or physical disability. Penn Foster Career School assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievement of institutional effectiveness through ongoing studies of student academic success, measurement of student satisfaction and evaluation of the career outcomes of graduates.

Gunsmithing Programs at Penn Foster Career School

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is committed to teaching specialized knowledge and skills to people of all ages and backgrounds in the most convenient way possible. Our programs of study are challenging yet easy to follow and accessible from anywhere. With Ashworth College, you'll gain the tools to move ahead in your career, qualify for a promotion, pursue an enjoyable hobby and be a success in the working world. Ashworth College puts you in control of your education with self-guided independent study that's flexible, affordable and fun. We offer an impressive variety of courses, superior quality instruction, personal guidance and accelerated study with our FasTrack" Learning System.

Gunsmithing Programs at Ashworth College

Gunsmithing Schools by State & City

Top 20 US Gunsmithing Schools (campus and online)

Post University
Total Programs 51
Number of Subjects 254
Rank in USA 703rd
Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County
Total Programs 37
Number of Subjects 41
Rank in USA 928th
Lake Career and Technical Center
Total Programs 20
Number of Subjects 19
Rank in USA 945th
Precision Manufacturing Institute
Total Programs 8
Number of Subjects 3
Rank in USA 994th
Pennsylvania Gunsmith School
Total Programs 2
Number of Subjects 1
Rank in USA 1533rd
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Total Programs 28
Number of Subjects 30
Rank in USA 1637th
Colorado School of Trades
Total Programs 2
Number of Subjects 2
Rank in USA 2010th
Emily Griffith Opportunity School
Total Programs 64
Number of Subjects 60
Rank in USA 2063rd
Madison Adult Career Center
Total Programs 14
Number of Subjects 23
Rank in USA 2085th
Lancaster County Career and Technology Center
Total Programs 52
Number of Subjects 60
Rank in USA 2141st
Meridian Technology Center
Total Programs 49
Number of Subjects 67
Rank in USA 2274th
George C Wallace State Community College-Hanceville
Total Programs 60
Number of Subjects 77
Rank in USA 3055th
Wichita Area Technical College
Total Programs 37
Number of Subjects 35
Rank in USA 3133rd
Chippewa Valley Technical College
Total Programs 82
Number of Subjects 87
Rank in USA 3160th
Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center
Total Programs 52
Number of Subjects 63
Rank in USA 3302nd
Brevard Community College
Total Programs 75
Number of Subjects 87
Rank in USA 3435th
Renton Technical College
Total Programs 62
Number of Subjects 69
Rank in USA 3607th
Rio Salado College
Total Programs 75
Number of Subjects 76
Rank in USA 3728th
Foothill College
Total Programs 110
Number of Subjects 118
Rank in USA 3760th
Miami Dade College
Total Programs 108
Number of Subjects 123
Rank in USA 3821st