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By visiting the unique online school page for the accredited online mental health counseling school displayed below, you'll be able to obtain comprehensive info to help you make an informed decision about where to enroll. Capella University will train students to become psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, etc. and give them an outstanding chance at finding employment, directly comparable to an on-campus school. At present, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 98,330 people employed as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $72,310. Psychiatrists make on average $163,660 per year and there are about 22,210 of them employed today.

Mental Health Counseling Common Job Tasks
  • giving diagnostic tests
  • giving referrals
  • getting a family's medical history
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An accredited online university, Capella University offers bachelor’s, master’s/MBA, doctoral, and certificate programs designed to take you to the forefront of your profession. Our competency-based curriculum delivers both foundational knowledge and real-world skills, so that what you’re learning in your courses is immediately applicable to your career goals.

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Mental Health Counseling Schools by State & City

Top 20 US Mental Health Counseling Schools (campus and online)

Johns Hopkins University
Total Programs 178
Number of Subjects 136
Rank in USA 19th
University of Miami
Total Programs 177
Number of Subjects 151
Rank in USA 69th
Yeshiva University
Total Programs 64
Number of Subjects 70
Rank in USA 104th
Marist College
Total Programs 81
Number of Subjects 95
Rank in USA 120th
Lewis & Clark College
Total Programs 71
Number of Subjects 66
Rank in USA 127th
Xavier University
Total Programs 90
Number of Subjects 92
Rank in USA 182nd
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Total Programs 57
Number of Subjects 65
Rank in USA 186th
Harding University
Total Programs 105
Number of Subjects 105
Rank in USA 224th
Saint Edward's University
Total Programs 95
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 242nd
SUNY College at Brockport
Total Programs 76
Number of Subjects 82
Rank in USA 257th
Saint John Fisher College
Total Programs 61
Number of Subjects 69
Rank in USA 261st
Seton Hall University
Total Programs 113
Number of Subjects 115
Rank in USA 298th
Adelphi University
Total Programs 93
Number of Subjects 89
Rank in USA 301st
Fitchburg State College
Total Programs 76
Number of Subjects 88
Rank in USA 399th
St Marys University
Total Programs 76
Number of Subjects 93
Rank in USA 405th
Suffolk University
Total Programs 139
Number of Subjects 118
Rank in USA 410th
Rhode Island College
Total Programs 114
Number of Subjects 98
Rank in USA 447th
University of Mary
Total Programs 79
Number of Subjects 91
Rank in USA 498th
Alvernia College
Total Programs 65
Number of Subjects 78
Rank in USA 499th
Long Island University-C W Post Campus
Total Programs 169
Number of Subjects 141
Rank in USA 508th