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Many adults in America are deciding to return to college for a degree. A large percentage of those returning to school are choosing an online education. There are over 230 online universities and colleges.

The types of degrees available online do not greatly differ from those available in a traditional school setting. Associates Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees and PhD's can all be found through online universities. Many of the online programs are associated with traditional colleges as well, and offer on-site portions of the program to enhance the learning experience. Other colleges are strictly online, with no face to face interaction required.

There are many benefits to studying for an online degree. Working adults can continue to work their regular job, while pursuing a degree that will allow them to either move on or move up when completed. Many of the online programs are designed with the working adult in mind, and offer a generously flexible schedule and understanding professors. For stay at home mothers, an online education allows them to pursue a degree while the baby sleeps or the kids play. Not having to find and pay for child care removes a huge roadblock for many moms considering going back to school.

An online education has other benefits as well. Tuition may be cheaper since there is less overhead for the school. This translates into less student loans and more money in the student's pocket. More time can be dedicated to studying as well, since there is no travel time needed with endless hours sitting in traffic. Those wasted hours can now be used for study time.

Online degrees are gaining in momentum and becoming much more accepted by the main stream population as a viable means of receiving an education. By recognizing that our world is often too busy and too full for traditional classes, online universities and colleges are doing a great service to the adults that wish to fulfill their dreams of a college education. As more and more people pursue their degree online, it can only become an equal to the brick and mortar degrees obtained by others.

Some of the most popular subjects related to education that can be obtained online are:

Nursing - Nursing is one of the most respectable professions. Nursing is mainly focused on health care like taking care of individuals, children and families. The main work of nurses is to take good care and give proper treatment to the injured, sick and handicapped patients. The most important duty of the nurses is to take proper care of people, give them medicine on time and also see that proper medical tests are done. Nursing also involves giving protection to those who are suffering from sickness, injury, or any type of diseases. By taking good care of the sick person's health, nursing sees that the patient is recovering well and is sent home in good condition.

Criminal Justice - Criminal justice is basically the application of rule of law in controlling criminal behavior. It not only deals with securing justice to the victim but also to ensuring that a criminal is also not denied justice. Criminal justice has to comply with the principles of natural justice where no one can be condemned unheard and that no one can be judge in his own cause.

Culinary - Preparation and cooking of food is always lies with the process of culinary art. There is specialized subject for the art of cooking. The person who finds well with the cooking art is called as chefs and he is responsible for the quality of food served. Many numbers of catering colleges are being specialized in this art of cooking.

Physical Therapy - It takes time for the body to heal. Once the body recovers from an initial injury or surgery, health still isn't at 100%. Physical therapy is an important step for returning the body to the health levels and maneuverability enjoyed prior to an injury. Even medical insurers are acknowledging the role physical therapy plays in reducing permanent disability and repeat injury by covering physical therapy costs as a part of insurance. Physical therapy will help any patient regain control and strength after even the most serious injuries or surgeries. The best physical therapy programs always move at the patient's own pace.

Medical Assistant - A medical assistant is a person dedicated to the aid and support of medical professionals, on various tasks. One of the main tasks of a medical assistant is the support on physical interventions such as surgery, which might require the need of several processes and requirements that must be the responsibility of more than one person.

Photography - Photography is the process by which still or moving pictures are recorded on film. Digital photography uses a different medium, and records a picture as electronic data. When capturing pictures on film, light rays manipulate chemicals in the film, and light at different frequencies act differently on the film creating areas of different color once the film is processed. The amount of light let into the camera (and thus, how much light reaches the film) is determined by the length of the camera's exposure to light, and how long the shutter is open. Photography has been around for about 200 years ago, and the first permanent photograph was taken by Nicephore Niepce in 1825.

Business - Business is a set of activities aimed at providing others with goods or services. It covers a wide variety of activities ranging from work done in huge business corporations to the work done in government agencies and even small NGOs. Further, there is no need to get a formal degree for many of these positions. Some of the notable business options include accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, insurance, sales, business management etc.

Massage Therapy - Massage therapy is the use of physical touch, pressure, and manipulation of tissue, muscle, ligaments, and tendons to aid in relaxation, digestion, healing, pain relief, and even to promote the onset of the laboring and birthing processes. The massage therapist, or masseuse, uses his or her hands, fingers, elbow, knees, or feet to massage the subject. Stones, water, or other objects may also be used to apply pressure to the body of the massage subject. The subject may be sitting in a chair or lying face down or face up. Massage is seen in almost every region and every culture of the world in some variation or another.

Accounting - Business is not complete with Accounting. Accounting can be defined both as art and science. It is an art of recording classifying and summarizing in terms of money. It is a science as it requires highly analytical tools for better results.Accounting can also be termed as communication tools in the sense that it provides basic and vital information to various stakeholders of the company namely shareholders, promoters, employees, community customers and suppliers. Accounting started thousands of years back where and it started with the proprietor writing in his books various transactions. Then it was followed by double entry book keeping where in it there were two parts to every transactions debit or credit. Then companies started using financial accounting and the management accounting.

Ultrasound Technician - Ultrasound technicians are basically diagnostic medical sonographers who are trained in making use of high-frequency sound waves to create images that ascertain ailments of the patient. These sound waves actually enter the body of patient and create an image that can be photographed or transmitted for review, often used for seeing the unborn child. An ultrasound technician has the duty to explain the procedure of patients and get requisite consent. He also has to choose the best images for later review and maintain the equipments in good shape. Such technicians are often specialists in obstetrics or gynecologic, neurological, ophthalmic or abdominal sonography.

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