Is an Online Information Assurance Education Possible?

Yes! Kaplan University, the highest ranking online information assurance school, is an accredited US institution offering programs to train individuals to become outstanding information assurance specialists, computer security specialists, database administrators, computer and information scientists, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 26,130 people employed as computer and information scientists, research alone in America, and their average annual salary is $105,370. Medical records and health information technicians make on average $33,880 per year and there are about 170,580 of them employed today. Online schools like Kaplan University have been proven to help successfully launch workers into this field.

Information Assurance Common Job Tasks
  • Designing and developing new computer systems
  • Configuring hardware and software
  • Devising ways to apply existing systems resources to additional tasks
  • Helping an organization select the proper system
  • Consulting with an organization managers
  • Using variety of accounting principles to ensure their plans are efficient and complete
  • Preparing cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis
  • helping management decide whether implementing the proposed technology would be financially feasible
  • coordinating tests and observe the initial use of the system
  • Training its users and writing instruction manuals
Popular Journals & Magazines Information Assurance Organizations Related Professions Currently in Demand
  • Principal Systems Engineer- Government Systems Information Assurance
  • Principal Information Assurance Analyst
  • Information Assurance Analyst with TS/SCI
  • Information Assurance Analyst
  • Information Assurance SME
  • Supervisor, Quality Assurance
  • Deputy Information Security Officer
  • Information Assurance Monitor
  • Information Assurance Specialist
  • Chief Scientist - Information Assurance
Top Cities for Information Assurance
  • Washington DC
  • Fairfax
  • Kearneysville
  • Atlanta
  • Colorado Springs
  • San Antonio
  • Huntsville
  • Honolulu
  • Alexandria
  • Reston
Top States for Information Assurance
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Michigan
  • Maine
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
Common Information Assurance Degree Program Names
  • PhD in General IT
  • PhD in Information Technology Education
  • PhD in IT Education
  • PhD in IT Mgmt
  • PhD in IT Project Management
  • MS in IT Project Management
  • MS in General IT
  • MS in Enterprise Software Architecture
  • Master of Information Technology - Project Management
  • Master of Information Technology - Internet Security
Common Information Assurance Course Titles
  • Measuring Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • The Insider Threat to Information Systems
  • Software Security Assurance
  • A Comprehensive Review of Common Needs and Capability Gaps
  • Malicious Code
  • Modeling and Simulation for Information Assurance
  • IO/IA Visualization Technologies
  • Data Embedding for Information Assurance
  • Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) Security
  • Network Centric Warfare

Information Assurance Programs by State & City