Is an Online Medical Education Possible?

Yes! American Intercontinental University, the highest ranking online medical school, is an accredited US institution offering programs to train individuals to become outstanding physicians, doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 274,160 people employed as physicians and surgeons alone in America, and their average annual salary is $173,860. Anesthesiologists make on average $211,750 per year and there are about 37,450 of them employed today. Online schools like American Intercontinental University have been proven to help successfully launch workers into this field.

Medical Common Job Tasks
  • drawing blood
  • giving shots
  • examining patients
  • prescribing medications
  • taking a medical history
  • setting up appointments
  • keeping medical records
  • transcribing audio recordings
  • running tests
  • sterilizing equipment
Popular Journals & Magazines Medical Organizations Related Professions Currently in Demand
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nurse
  • X-Ray Technologist
  • Ultrasound Technologist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Medical Billing Specialist
  • Medical Coding Specialist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Surgical Technologist
Top Cities for Medical
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Antonio
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Columbus
Top States for Medical
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Minnesota
  • Tennessee
  • Maryland
  • Vermont
  • New Mexico
  • Florida
  • Washington
  • Arkansas
Common Medical Degree Program Names
  • MPH in General Public Health
  • MHA in Health Policy
  • MHA in General Health Administration
  • MHA in Health Care Operations
  • MS in Health Care Administration
  • BS in Health Care Management
  • BS in Health Informatics
  • DHA in General Health Administration
  • DHA in Health Care Leadership
  • PhD in Health Care Administration
Common Medical Course Titles
  • Genetics
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Nutrition and Medicine
  • Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Microbiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Medical Physiology
  • Immunology & Parasitology
  • Biochemistry

Medical Programs by State & City