Is an Online Systems Engineering Education Possible?

Yes! Colorado Technical University is an accredited US institution offering programs to train individuals to become outstanding systems engineers, information systems engineers, information systems managers, systems administrators, etc. Computer software engineers, systems software make on average $96,620 per year and there are about 385,200 of them employed today. Online schools like Colorado Technical University have been proven to help successfully launch workers into this field.

Systems Engineering Common Job Tasks
  • developing system prototype
  • designing system modules
  • making system requirements
  • developing system
  • integrating different component of system
  • integrating third parties system
  • understanding current technologies
  • developing patentable intellectual property
  • working as a project manager
  • enhancing embedded system
Popular Journals & Magazines Systems Engineering Organizations Related Professions Currently in Demand
  • Storage Engineer
  • Storage consultant
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer
  • Lead Radar Systems Engineer
  • ELINT Analyst
  • Sr Electrical Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Desktop Systems Configuration Senior Engineer
  • Systems Engineer (Fly-by-Wire Flight Controls)
Top Cities for Systems Engineering
  • Washington DC
  • San Diego
  • Houston
  • Boston
  • Huntsville
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Maitland
  • Miami
Top States for Systems Engineering
  • California
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Florida
  • Connecticut
  • Idaho
Common Systems Engineering Degree Program Names
  • Bachelors in Operations and Performance
  • Associates in Cost & Scheduling
  • Masters in Testing & Disposal
  • Doctor of Science in Systems Engineering
  • PHD in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • PHD in Computer Systems Engineering
  • PhD in Bio systems Engineering
  • PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • PhD in Space Systems Engineering
  • PHD in Marine Systems Engineering
Common Systems Engineering Course Titles
  • Systems Engineering Principles
  • System Modeling and Analysis
  • Decisions and Risk Analysis
  • Introduction to Software Architecture
  • Military Operations Research
  • System Architecture Fundamentals
  • System Life Cycle Cost Estimation
  • Enterprise Architecture Integration and Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture Project Planning Management and Documentation
  • Service-oriented Architecture Concepts and Theory

Systems Engineering Programs by State & City